Sunday, October 31, 2010

IF The GOP Wins This Elections, Here's a Good Clue Why...

A Zogby Interactive poll found that 37% say they believe in human or animal ghosts, 23% believe they have been visited by a dead relative or friend, and 20% say they have seen or heard a ghost. Another 22% say that while they have not experienced a ghost, they know someone who says they have.

(h/t/ to Sam Smith)


  1. Oh come on you can't be implying that the aging of the "springer culture" has further degraded our public intelligence can you? I think it comes down to the usual "I think you have too much or have it too easy and I want you to have to work harder", then of course we have the good old "brewster's millions" folks who just know great grand whoever is gonna die and leave them this assload of cash(forgetting that most of those rich eccentrics have a cat or puppy who is about to be in gold milkbones and silver water dishes).

    I hope people use their brains this election season(stop giving me that look, it could happen)

  2. Superstitious thinking combined with an anti-science mindset. Yup! LOL

  3. <span><span>  I am not surprised regardless  of a few  thousand years of evidence supporting otherwise, 1 and 5 americans still believe that the sun rotates around the earth!  On various sites , and personal blogs they are countess advocates who believe family values should be taught in school. They believe in prayer in school, ( never mind whose prayer) and that creation be taught ( never mind whose version) I ask why aren't these taught at home or in the house of worship.I get vague answers that our academic institutions  are missing family values, as if it starts with public facilities for which they are equal advocates of cutting funding from.  Education real education is suffering badly in this country and most of it has nothing to do with teachers, it's administrators and school boards predicated on teaching students what to think rather than how to think and or think critically. Some days I don't know whether to be sad or just plain disgusted!</span></span>


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