Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Nina's Poem

¡Hola! Everybody…
I awoke today and was informed that 1) I haven’t posted the following in a while, and that 2) It belongs to my dear friend, Nina. I hope this means I have conjugal (if not copy) rights! LOL

For you, Nina, because we’re refugees -- refugees since time immemorial…

* * *

Now [no. 23]

In some remote
rain forest,
under the approving eyes
of the ancient Orishas,
we took each other,
like animals of the jungle.

Teeth, fingers, lips
painted with the fruits
of our child-like foreplay,
we had our roll
in the tangled underbrush
and emerged,
scratched and bleeding,
staggering, jaunty, and
rowdy with contempt
for all those timid animals
who still make noiseless love,
undressing in
the darkened chambers
of their shame.

-- Eddie

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