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Dumb Shit People Say About the #OccupyWallStreet Movement

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I’m not a nice person. in fact, I make my own mother cry sometimes. I am not proud of this, but it is true ::hangs head in shame:: I am not a gentleman: I say and do things that are totally socially unacceptable, and I will try to fuck you in the ass at some point if you’re in a relationship with me. I don’t know how to drive and I have no sense of direction. So, what good am I, you ask? (LOL!). I don’t have many good character traits, but I think the few I can claim are important. Chief among this sparse crowd is trust. That’s my one trump card -- trustworthiness.

Another one is that I don’t tolerate ignorance too well. This might be a good or bad thing, according from what perspective you’re looking at it. The following is rude, but I know no other way of addressing it…

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Dumb-Fuck Fuckery

I have utter contempt for lazy thinking or fallacious reasoning. The following are actual objections overheard or gleaned from various conversations about #OccupyWallStreet:

They criticize corporations, but use smart phones made by corporations! Hypocrites!

This one gets me the most because it is such a blatantly stupid assertion. It’s so ignorant, I don’t think it deserves a response. I’ll just add that we wear clothes too. ::blank stare::

A movement that doesn’t have a compressed agenda and list of demands can’t be taken seriously.

OK… I’ll give this one a try. When the OWS organizers had their first few general assemblies, it was decided, by consensus, not to have a list of demands or agenda. There were many reasons for this, but chief among them was the shared belief that demands, agendas, goals, should be arrived at within a horizontal democratic process inclusive of all participants. In other words, it was decided that the best way to come up with these things was to actually include the people in the decision-making process. I was wrong on this because, not having a prefabricated, sound bite list of demands made it much more difficult for the corporate media to label us because they have no experience with a movement predicated on a transparent, horizontal democratic process.

People living in third-World countries have it worse -- these OWS people should go try living there for a while.

Again, this one is too ridiculous to respond to. As a thought exercise, do yourself a favor and take that line of reasoning to its logical conclusion and you tell me what’s wrong with it.

Shouldn’t they protest in Washington instead? That’s where the people in charge are, right?


This is part of what separates us from the clueless (exploited and forgotten) teabaggers: we actually have a salient analysis. The vast majority of the OWS organizers I’ve come into contact with are ardently pro-government/ pro-democracy. We’re not against the government; we’re steadfastly opposed to a form of government sabotaged by money and corruption. We’re against government for and by the 1%.

Why aren’t you people out there looking for jobs instead of protesting?

There are several stupid, narrow-minded assumptions embedded in this objection. First, it assumes there are jobs out there, when the fact is that for every job, there are scores of people looking to get it. Secondly, most of the participants in the #OccupyWallStreet movement don’t work. This is patently untrue. There are many people intensely involved in the movement who work. There are many, as well, who’ve been downsized and out of work, and there are many working at jobs beneath their level of proficiency. In fact, the people at OWS sites across the nation are just like you and me -- part of the 99% -- and as such, represent the full range of demographics.

Occupy Wall Street is a secret plot by Soros/ Obama/ Michael Moore/ communists/ socialists (<-- insert favorite bogeyman here) to undermine our country.

Really. I really heard this one…

They’re hippies and hippies suck! I hate hippies!

What’s wrong with hippies? And if you bothered, you would see that this is a bullshit stereotype. I’ve seen poor people, middle-class people, PhD’s, Nobel Prize winners, people with little formal education, old, very young -- I’ve seen all manner of people at the OWS sites. Do yourself a favor, turn off the TV machine and take a walk.

I saw where one person at an OWS site did (<-- insert something objectionable). That’s proof they’re all scum!

Really people… really? You actually think the above statements are examples of logical or critical thinking? SMDH

My name is Eddie and I’m in recovery from civilization…

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