Saturday, May 5, 2012


Hola Everybody…
I’ve been sick. Today is the first time since Thursday night that I could actually get out of bed for a significant amount of time. I think I had a nasty flu. My whole body hurt. Thankfully, I seem to have turn the corner. 

Gawd, I haven’t blogged in so long… 

* * *
Nows [no. 32]

Your sleep:
I have watched you wake --
a spectacle,
an immediate vision of honesty.

Your long legs
yawn open
and your arms reach out
for a missing star.

You are reluctant,
deserting your dream,
surrendering to the pink wound
of a new day.

And you reach out for me,
silently, without a plan,
and it is enough.

Your touching me
will always be enough.

It says what no poem
will ever say,
what no words could ever tell me.

 -- Edward-Yemíl Rosario
 From: Full-Frontal Angry Love Poems


  1. Oh baby, you need a rest...a change of scenery. That flu is a clue to get away! Take care sweet friend. Louise

    p.s I am challenged by iPhones & computers sometimes.

  2. What? When I had the flu, I was so delirious...I called my boss at 6 pm thinking it was morning...apologized for not being able toske it ... As though I had to go to work in the morning.


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