Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hip-Hop Republicans and Village Idiots

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Man I have soooo much work on my desk it isn’t funny. Add to this the fact that I had to let go of someone who was actively trying to sabotage me and putting my organization at risk(demented! LOL!) and it adds up to category “overwhelming.” Maybe I should follow the lead of The Idiots at Homeland Security and create a color-coded advisory? Yeah! When my boss approaches asking fore that long overdue report, I can point to a banner in my office and blurt out, “Look! Code Yellow!” and totally avoid the ensuing discussion.

The economy has taken a prolonged nosedive?

“Look! WMDs!”

Our educational system is a failure?

“Look! Osama bin Laden!”

* * *

-=[ Hip Hop Republicans, My Friend’s Uncle & Hockey Moms ]=-
Or: Whatever happened to the American Dream?!!

Okay! I now officially pronounce rap dead.

Dead as in dead and stinkin’!

Sure, I’ve had to live through the constant spectacle of white suburban kids emulating black urban fashion and linguistic sensibilities (“Yo! You ma nigga!” He says as he scratches his nuts through low-slung baggy pants). I have had to witness rap music being sold in suburban malls throughout the world (have you heard chink rap? Hindu rap? I have and it ain’t pretty!). In short, I have seen what was once a subversive and relevant hip-hop culture transformed into a commodity. Still, I held on to hope, perhaps fueled by memories of the birth of Hip Hop culture in the neighborhoods I was raised in.

Now we have Hip Hop Republicans (visit their site, one of the first things when they define "What is a Hip-Hop Republican?" is to assure you they aren’t “Uncle Toms.”). SMDH I have to hang my head and just spill a few drops of some Mad Dawg on the grave of rap. It’s done…

[Note: The blog photo isn't of Hip Hop Republicans, however they define themselves.]

I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised, after all, we have gay republicans (that’s a lot like a black KKK member).Which reminds me when I was coming up, I had a friend who had an uncle lived with him and his family. The uncle was, well, a bit deranged, to put it mildly. He was prone to flashing his winkie in public and his mind wasn’t all in the pan, as some would say. The elevator didn’t go all the way to the top. It was sad because my friend’s uncle was kept locked up in a room with just a TV set for company. Anytime guests arrived, he would be herded into his room and not allowed out.

As I watched Dumbya last night, I was reminded of my friend’s uncle. Politicians, always more than willing to cannibalize one another, are renowned for abandoning their principles and cronies when bad times hit, and Republicans are an extreme form of the political animal. Last night a sitting president was relegated to a video feed far away from the much sought-after prime time slot. The last time a sitting president skipped the convention was when LBJ stayed home in the 60s. He too was president while an unpopular war was unfolding. Bush’s message? “Look! WMDs! Watch out! Terrists!” In many ways, Bush is a lot like my friend’s uncle, so I don’t blame the repugs for keeping him somewhere where he could do the least damage.

The prime time honor was given to Joe Lieberman, who lost a democratic preliminary race to a virtual unknown and then decided he was an “independent.” Lieberman was only nominally better than Bush, which is merely stating that he used correct pronunciation. The style, and more importantly, the substance of his speech was full of empty calories. The republicans are trying to identify themselves by using Obama’s so-called “inexperience.” It’s a lot like trying to define yourself by comparing yourself to your ex’s newer, younger, more energetic mate.

Speaking of style is it just me or does anyone else think that dude from Law and Order should go back to acting? Wait! I guess that was his major qualification for office! LOL At least he didn’t have to co-star/ share billing with a chimp, as Reagan once did.

Good ole Laura Bush came on and delivered the major line of the night when she pointed out that she will proudly cast her vote for the first woman nominee for vice president. And that, my dear friends, was the only reason Palin was selected. A friend (cruel, cruel woman!) quipped that Palin describes herself as a “hockey mom.” Well, now so will her 17-year-old daughter. Palin was a risk and who knows what skeletons are stirring in her closet.

Back to substance… not one speaker mentioned the economy nor the failed conservative policies that have eroded the middle class base.

Not one.

No one addressed the fact that families today work longer hours for less pay and that more and more people can’t afford to visit a doctor. No one mentioned that parents today have less time to spend with their children. No one addressed the fact that giving tax breaks to the extremely rich hasn’t resulted in better economic times for the regular Jane and John Doe.

Perhaps they’re leaving that to McCain, who has gone on the record as stating that he would continue pursuing the same economic policies that got us here in the first place.

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Chap. 5: The New American Dream - Sam Seder & Stephen Sherrill

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