Saturday, January 9, 2010

"Your Lingering Lovable Lunacy... "

¡Hola! Everybody...
Why do I get the sense that if we were to have the misfortune of a terror attack, conservatives like Cheney, Guilliani, and the rest of Neanderthals would actually experience some form of inner justification and perhaps even glee?

Saturdays are for the arts. I will be posting the first of a series on New York City -- a kinda “virtual tour” of the city of my birth starting next Saturday. It will be New York City as seen through my eyes...

I wrote the following years ago. It was inspired by a series of women who were mad. LOL

* * *

Nows [no. 10]

Thank the Goddess you're a looney, lady.
I bow to all
your frenzies
and bless those hysterical moments
you award me,
because they certify you.

They are the
essential evidence
of your everlasting eccentricity
that allows my doubtful sanity
ride the shifting line
on the back of your lingering
yet lovable lunacy.

Edward-Yemíl Rosario (8/25/03) ©


  1. Nothing like a terrorist attack or a perceived one to bring orgasmic screams to the people you've mentioned.

  2. Seriously, these guys would come on themselves.

  3. LMFAO @ this one, pal!!!

    I dated a gal who tried to burn my house down; this was some years back - I got tired of her loopy behavior and broke it off; she showed up with some road flares and a gallon of gasoline.  

    The police managed to convince her to get in her car and turn around - this was well before any 'stalking laws' were in place out West here.

    I asked about a restraining-order.  The officer told me, "That just tells us where to look first for the body.  They rarely do any good."

    Thankfully, she took the man seriously.  

    Crazy women scare me to this day....

  4. Geeez Astra! I have some real scary stories too, man. Thankfully, I'm not the psychomagnet I once was. LOL

    BTW, you're missed over at The 'Ply. I'm going to have to check out your online zine.


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