Saturday, February 6, 2010


¡Hola! Everybody...
And one last thing about surrender... LOL!

* * *

-=[ Hambriente/ Hunger ]=-

I wait impatiently for your surrender.
I yearn to have you splayed
and vulnerable,
radiating pleasure like
light from the Sun.

Your moans,
and orgasms
drag me out of
out of my world of fears
into the bright colors
of heart-surrender.

You are my chosen source
of feminine glory...
the Source of Life itself.

I thirst for
the warm sea
of your gyrations.

I long for the taste of
the fruits
of your succulent pussy lips
and nipples,
to feel the earthquakes
of your uninhibited pleasure.

Surrender to me your body
full of bliss.
Expose me to the bright light
in your eyes.

Let me feel your
soft body
and opening
to my masculine chunk
in ways...

I claim no less than my birthright:
your utter surrender.
That place where
there is no sentry
nor holding back.

Surrender unto me
the openness of your heart
expressed through
the language of
moans and tears.

Swallow me into your heart
through your vagina.
Come claim your love
in gasps of pleasure.

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