Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Baroque Interlude

¡Hola! Everybody…
So yesterday I signed the lease to the new Chez Eddie. Move date is this coming Saturday, so if you feel like helping me transport my thousands of books, feel free to drop me a line. Today, I’ll be breaking what’s left of my back packing my things…

The following is a “found” poem -- something I wrote ages ago. It was in a sheaf of papers of works written longhand. In it were some forgotten poems, fragments of a short story, and a rather surprisingly interesting essay on the short story form. A dear friend saved it all these 30 or more years.

* * *

(Photograph: Wendy Whitelaw, Park Avenue, July 1981)

Nows [XV]

Like some baroque interlude

the notes of your passion

take me down winding streets,

visiting all those bizarre boutiques

of our shared secret fantasies.

A thousand corners

I will turn with you,

your partner in an

endless exploration of

the side-streets of sensation,

those horny highways of adventure

that will forever open for us,

beckoning us toward

the joyful madnesses of

our shameless bliss.

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