Saturday, August 21, 2010

Baroque Interlude

¡Hola! Everybody…
I had a piece published in the online magazine, Subversify, yesterday. I have never had anything published before, so I would appreciate it if you took a couple of minutes to read my piece (here) and also take the time to explore the magazine. The magazine offers a wide range of writing from “outside the box.” I mean that in the most positive sense: opinions, essays, fiction, and non-fiction from a perspective rarely encountered in the mainstream. I believe most of the freethinkers who read me would enjoy it.

* * *

(Photograph: Wendy Whitelaw, Park Avenue, July 1981)

Nows [XV]

Like some baroque interlude
the notes of your passion
take me down winding streets,
visiting all those bizarre boutiques
of our shared and secret fantasies.

A thousand corners
I will turn with you,
your partner in an
endless exploration of
the side-streets of sensation,
those horny highways of adventure,
that will forever open for us,
beckoning us toward
the joyful madnesses of
our shameless bliss.

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