Saturday, August 28, 2010

I did it first behind the stairwell...

¡Hola! Everybody…
I had my second piece published by my fave online mag, Subversify. If you haven’t check out Subversify, I would highly recommend it (and not just because they published two of my pieces). There are some interesting articles there offering points of views rarely encountered in the mainstream. If you read my piece (here), please feel free to leave a comment.

On another note, the extremist, intolerant, racist faction of the USA will be on view for the whole world to see today at the nation’s capital, where they will be smearing the memory of one of the greatest historical figures and social movements of the 20th Century. They shame us all...

Saturdays are for aesthetics here at [un]Common Sense

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I did it first behind the stairwell.

It was The Games

that prepared us all for

the brinkmanship of seduction.

You ran, you zigged and zagged,

you shook a little and you


A series of challenges

that demanded a new game

when skill and boredom

combined to exhaust the

outer limits of tenderness,

as if preparing us all,

children in this

Cold War with women,

for our ultimate purpose:

seducing free games

from those patient and wise

young girls

who might have become

our best friends

if only the rules had allowed.

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