Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Woman Warrior

Hola Everybody...
I like to say a tribe of fearless women raised me. Women who, while enduring all forms of abuse, still cared for me and offered to me a true template for a warrior creed. 

They raised me as a “Scholar-Warrior,” but it was their fearless hearts that blazed a light for my path. And so it went throughout my life: I would be fortunate enough to meet, over and over, women who exemplified spiritual courage in the face of the same hardships.

Though many were beaten, raped, and emotionally and psychologically abused, though they were often stigmatized for daring to speak truth to power, they still managed to face life with their hearts, always willing to give.

It is to all these women, and the countless others, that I offer the following. May you never suffer in silence again.

The Warrioress Creed

-- by Mirtha Vega

A warrioress...
is honorable;
has strength, determination, and perseverance;
is magical and optimistic;
is wise and powerful;
revels in silence;
can appreciate both inner and outer beauty;
is dedicated to the sacredness in her life;
loves to live fully;
is unwavering in her quest for the infinite;
is respectful;
can commit to those she deems worthy;
can let go of what is no longer useful, or necessary;
is compassionate;
possesses the will to walk away from illusion;
is willing to trust and surrender when appropriate;
has extraordinary vision and clarity;
faces her fears head on;

* * *
My name is Eddie and I’m in recovery from civilization…

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