Sunday, October 9, 2016

Sunday Sermon [Moral Inventory]

Hola Everybody,
Today… Three for the price of one… 

If God lived on Earth, people would break his windows.
-- Yiddish saying

Hillary Clinton has had to have one of the greatest Fridays evah. On the day that WikiLeaks dumped thousands of emails, many highlighting her servile speeches to her corporate backers, the biggest story has been that Donald trump managed to say “pussy” about ten years. BTW, the major news media have not reported on the WikiLeaks dump. Only conservative outlets, desperately grabbing for anything in light of Trump’s incompetence, have given any ink or airtime to the WikiLeaks revelations. Still, here’s one item that bears repeating.

Apparently, Hillary Clinton believes that black people are “professional never-do-wells” incapable of success “irrespective” (sic) of the opportunities they’re given. Partial transcripts show that she made this racist and shameful statement to a group of Wall Street elitists who all share the same views, and she was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to make it. There’s more, a lot more within the WikiLeaks dump. Read about it HERE.

That’s one…

File this under the “First as tragedy, then as comedy” files: The MSM, which has missed everything of any importance from the lead-up to Iraq war, to the disclosure of government files that shows we're actually run by a shadow government, is treating anything that Trump says as if it were the modern-day equivalent of Watergate. Considering we’re a surveillance state, drone bombing innocent women and children is the norm, and we’re completely under the thumb of the financial elites, this utterly ridiculous.

That’s two…


 The secret of a warrior is that he believes without believing… to just believe would just exonerate him from examining his situation. A warrior, whenever he has to involve himself with believing, does it as a choice.
 -- Don Juan Matus (Carlos Castaneda)

I’m almost afraid to post this one, but I think some people will benefit. Others might use it to torture themselves, so caveat emptor (“buyer beware”).

Carlos Castaneda’s Yaqui teacher Don Juan illustrated an exercise that he called recapitulation. I’d read about it a long time ago, and had forgotten it. However, as part of my own inner work, I do a similar exercise at the end of my day. 

At the end of your day, place your chin on your right shoulder. Very slowly swing it until it’s resting on your left shoulder. As you do this, review the significant events of the day in chronological order. Don’t do this as a way to relive blame or justify your actions of the day. Perhaps before attempting to do this, you might some work in the area of self-acceptance. 

If you do this consistently with an open mind and heart, resisting the impulse to judge, eventually you will uncover habitual patterns, perhaps even see future developments, and confront your rigid belief systems (i.e., I’m always right, I am worthless). This exercise is meant as a conscious effort to transcend your defense mechanisms and perhaps obtain a glimpse of your genuine or higher self.

I would add that when you find you have acted wrongly or unwisely just admit it; don’t waste time defending it, or compounding it, simply admit it. Conversely, especially if you desire to stop the cycle of dysfunctional patterns, don’t beat yourself up about your transgressions. Punishing yourself will only embed the habitual patterns more deeply.

Alternatively, you can ignore all this until you grow old and realize it’s all been an elaborate sham -- this persona you mindlessly create and defend.

Either way, you’re gonna haveta confront this ma’fucca sooner or later.

That’s three... 

My name is Eddie and I’m in recovery from civilization…

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