Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Lesser Evilism Sucks

Hola everybody,
As I type, the TV machine is announcing that Trump has won Florida. He’s also won Ohio -- two major battleground states.

That sound you hear? That’s the collective clenching of the anal sphincters of millions of Hillary supporters -- you know the “pragmatic progressives.”

The NY Times is saying that Trump has a 92% chance of winning the election.


Lesser Evilism Bites You in the Ass

What this says is that a DNC masquerading as “republican lite” is not resonating with the US public and highlights the failure of a two-party system that’s under the thrall of corporate dominance.

The one possible good thing that can come about from a possible Trump presidency is that it will be easier to mobilize people. It will finally convince many that the lesser of two evils has been a huge failure that we cannot continue down this road if we want to fight corporate dominance.


More later.

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