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The Friday Sex Blog [Fellatio]

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First things first. Today’s blog photo comes courtesy of a beautiful young lady who graciously threw her thing at my blog. I believe the fantasy was she masturbate thinking of us (preferably having anal sex) and to send the me the item via snail mail. So, today, I present the first [un]Common Sense Sex Blog Thong. It will henceforth be the Friday Sex Blog’s logo! LOL!

Ladies wishing to donate their fave pair of Vickies, please feel free to contact me at their convenience. I would prefer listening to you masturbate, so please call!

Secondly, my Sunshine, the stunningly beautiful Emily, has informed me that today is “Steak & Blowjob Day.” In honor of this day, I will repost the first sex blog I ever wrote, which deals with yes, you guessed right, blowjobs! In case you’re interested, I like mine “well done” (skip the steak! LOL!).

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-=[ Fellatio) ]=-

or: Smokin’ That Cock

Fellatio: (fellare: to suck) Fellatio refers to the ancient practice of mouth to penis sexual contact. This form of stimulus is quite common in the animal kingdom. The book Sex Link tells of the dragon fly that demands a form of fellatio before coitus. He joins his partner during flight and bangs her head against his primary sex organ until he decides to finally turn around and mate (now: there’s my kinda guy!!! LOL)

The ancient Phoenician and and Egyptian prostitutes were the first to wear lipstick which was used to advertise their specialized talents of fellatio and cunnilingus. Cleopatra, while not a prostitute, was known for her love of fellatio (now: that's my kinda gal!). Her enemies spread rumors of the queen fellating huge numbers from among her army in one night.

The following section describes techniques involving auto and female to male fellatio (note: I was going to include techniques involving male to male fellatio, but it would have taken too long -- perhaps I will include it at a later date).

Autofellatio: Autofellatio is performed by a male on himself. Kinsey reported that 2-3 males in a thousand practiced autofellatio. In order to perform autofellatio the man has to be limber and have a rather long penis (duh). The position that offers the deepest penetration is upside down on the couch with the head and shoulders resting on the bottom cushion, the backbone against the back of the couch, and the knees resting on either side of the shoulders. The penis is then in front of the mouth at this point and if the man's proportions are right he can reach up with his mouth and take of the tip. Some men report enjoying ejaculating into their mouths, and others enjoying the feel of it on their skin, or the sound of it as it shoots past their ear. (Caution: you'll break your neck trying to blow your own horn! LMAO!!). suffice it to say that if I could suck my own dick, I would never leave home and ladies? We would have no conversation! LOL

The following is a contribution taken from reports by women who enjoy this type of sex:

Men’s sexual response occurs in cycles. the more times they are brought close to orgasm the more intense it is when they release. Therefore, when performing fellatio remember to watch for signs of his nearing climax or, better yet, ask him to signal (perhaps by releasing that kung-fu grip he has on your ears?). The areas that are most sensitive, in order, are the frenulum, corona, glans penis, urethra opening, shaft, and scrotum. If one uses anal play with fellatio the prostrate can provide extreme sensitivity.

“Now, to set the mood, think of yourself as a toothless carnivore, and forget expressions like “giving head,” “sucking,” “licking,” “eating,” and caressing. Think instead: teasing, devouring, and consuming. In addition to the techniques mentioned here, a person wants to constantly think of new sensations and techniques to try on their partner.

“Tell him what you are going to do to his penis and ravage his ear with your tongue. Slowly work your way down his neck, armpits, nipples, torso, buttocks, and to the groin area using varying degrees of pressure and movement of the tongue. Men vary in the amount of pre-genital contact they desire for fellatio; be aware of whether his emotional sensitivity is increasing.

“Make sure you are in a position to be able to move freely so that eventually you end up in a position where you are facing toward his feet. This allows the natural curve of his penis to match the curve in your mouth for easier penetration.

“Use very light fingertip strokes around the whole groin area and say your last words (!!). Next begin at the base of his penis and testicles and very gently flick your tongue up and down the shaft several times, getting it wet. Lift the penis gently. As you tease and tickle with your mouth wide open, hold his penis in position with your lip and tongue just below the galns penis. You don't want to touch the tip yet. Use your fingertips to gently tap or tickle the shaft (play that flute!!!). Your lips and tongue can be used to lightly massage his shaft as you move the penis deeper into the throat, still trying not to put pressure on the glans penis.

“Moan as if you can’t stand the teasing yourself and firmly grip his penis at the base with your hands and pull it toward you. Hold the penis and then with your tongue very gently tickle the urethra entrance and release the tension on your grip on the shaft (no kung-fu grips ladies!). Now, re-tighten your grip and push your tongue firmly into the tip of the urethra. This time work your mouth, tongue, and lips down his penis, massaging it with more pressure. the light touch should coincide with his approaching orgasm to forestall it and the harder pressure is used to rebuild intensity (it’s the opposite for me!). Some penises have obvious indications of strong arousal: they throb, spasm, increase in temperature, have lots or pre-ejaculate emissions, and the testicles rise toward the body; however, others show very little indication of the inevitable orgasm.

If the partner’s penis is flaccid and not fully erect you will be able to place your mouth firmly around the base of the glans penis and by working with the loose skin you can keep it in place against your lips but have the penis slip back and forth beneath the extra skin. You then suck the tip of the penis swiftly back and forth, in and out, of your mouth. Take your hands and roll the shaft of the penis between them as though as though you were rolling a ball of cookie dough (c’mon girls: you know how to do this!). Next devour his testicles and perineum. You may want to hum (“Jingle Bells”?) while they are in your mouth to create a slight vibration.

Once the penis is erect, move back up to the glans penis and cover it with your mouth (No teeth please!). Use your tongue to gently tickle the underside of the corona. With your mouth over his penis, insert an index finger into your mouth so that the fingertip can rub back and forth on the frenulum as you lower your mouth and tickling tongue as far down his shaft as possible (choking noises are good right about here!). Get your hands back into the flat rolling position and this time when you roll the penis between your hands, hold your lips over the glans penis and make the tip bounce off the insides of your mouth.

“In order to deep throat a penis, get into the position facing toward his feet and slowly slide the penis as far back as you can without gagging (gagging is good!). Then take a deep breath and swallow. This will allow you to hold the penis in your throat longer and, for many women, it stops the gag reflex. Many women also find that the closer they are to to orgasm, the less of a gag response they experience. The man should also consider before ejaculation to pull back slightly so that the woman can breathe and swallow, preventing a gag reflex from occurring if the ejaculate squirts directly into the throat.

“You may place a hand around the base of the penis and pull toward you during a man's orgasm, but because the penis becomes extremely sensitive immediately after ejaculation, all pressure on the penis should end at this point. You may inform him that you are going to suck out every drop, but don’t. If you want to maintain intimacy either place your head and hand on the abdomen near the penis or stretch out beside and cuddle (don't take the remote out of his hands!!).

“At orgasm, the sensation of hot, squirting semen from an undualting penis can be so powerfully intimate that it is possible to orgasm yourself. Semen varies in taste, quantity, and speed at which it is expelled, all of which can effect palatability. Semen, like all strong flavored foods, is an acquired taste. If you have yet not acquired the taste, it is better to either dilute it with water before swallowing or discreetly rinse the mouth (Please! don’t be nasty! No spitting! Spitters are quitters!) and discard it back into a glass, or gargle. (Keep two glasses in case he wants a drink. ::grin::). Men can feel rejected or hurt if a woman immediately spits the ejaculate out or refuses to take it into her mouth.

“Anal play can be introduced at any point. Make sure if you plan using your fingers, your nails are short and smooth.

Caution: The exchange of bodily fluids is not considered safe sex practice in non-monogamous relationships.

Disclaimer: Members of the [un]Common Sense Sex Blog Editorial Review Board have generously agreed to review selected entries relating to areas in which they have personal expertise. Neither they nor this blog in any way endorse the material presented here or guarantee its accuracy. Furthermore, we take no responsibility for any harm, injury, pain, personal liberation, or pleasure that results from attempting any practices presented here.

-- That Gemini Guy

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