Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Fog and a Bridge

¡Hola! Everybody,
All weekend The City is celebrating the 125th anniversary of the Brooklyn Bridge. The Bridge is one of the most recognized icons of “American” culture. I think there’s a documentary, The Brooklyn Bridge in film, showing free here this weekend. And how can one not notice the Brooklyn Bridge? It’s in a million movies and then there’s that famous picture of the Bridge showing its Gothic arches framed by that intoxicating web of cables.

I love that bridge…

I love a misty night and walking leisurely with a lover, kissing her passionately in the middle of that span with the lights of the city as our backdrop. I don’t think there’s a more romantic setting. I know women who remember that moment though the years have passed. And each and every time it’s special – it’s a moment that can never be duplicated… Try it one day. Well, not necessarily with me (), but with someone for whom you have an attraction… it’s magical.

* * *

Prelude to a Kiss

Closing my eyes,
seeing you,
picturing your moonlit face,
barely perceptible down on your face.

Lifting my finger to that
dust of hair on your cheek,
ruffling it against the grain of the light
until it’s a milky powder.

Bringing my face to yours,
our mouths aligning,
but not yet kissing.

Somehow staving off
the gnawing hunger.

Our lips grazing, adjusting,
making the slightest calibrations
of angle and shape
as if we were whispering
into each other’s breaths.

Both of us straining
against a raging fire of desire
to make our first kiss,
a kiss I know I have been waiting for
for a long time,
to make it as close
to perfect as possible...

and it was...

© 2008

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