Friday, October 15, 2010

The Friday Sex Blog [Resolution]

¡Hola! Everybody...
The weather is slowly changing and the days are getting shorter. Soon autumn, dressed to the teeth, will appear at that moment when you most need change.

Have a great weekend, people…

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-=[ Resolution ]=-

Many of us search and search and some of us have stopprd trying. Whatever the case, a man cannot be fulfilled until he has ceased searching the fool’s gold of release. True sexual freedom is grounded in the relaxation of your true Self, moment to moment. Similarly, no woman can be fulfilled until she has stopped searching outside of herself for a way to fill herself and is grounded instead in the presence of radiant love.

When a man is grounded in his true Self, he no longer fears losing his woman, nor is he afraid to lose himself in relationship with a woman. Instead, he welcomes her gleaming enchantment and freely surrenders himself to her loving. He ravishes her, penetrates her with his presence, loves with no inhibitions, and she opens, surrendering to love and is fulfilled. Don’t be mistaken, she’s not filled by him; rather, she is fulfilled by grounding herself in her own fullness as love. She is fulfilled by the expression of the powerful love overflowing her heart.

Uninhibited loving is the fulfillment of her heart. The problem is that very few men are ready to dance with the dynamic presence of such love and deep surrender. Similarly, for a man, being grounded in the natural freedom of his true Self is the ultimate fulfillment of his quest. It is just that few women are ready to embrace a man who is already free -- who neither needs her, nor fears her.

We receive very little guidance or support needed to come to rest in our inherent freedoms and the radiating power of our natural loving. Instead, we are taught that we are supposed to be searching. This search is supposed to be the basis for our lives. Everyday, we’re supposed to go out on our quest for freedom -- whether it’s financial, creative, or psychological liberation. Everyday we are supposed to engage in relationships that promise love. Our quests and relationships are supposed to fulfill us, but do they?

Somewhere down the line, we have to come to the realization that no amount of money, sex, knowledge, or affection will satisfy us. No matter how much we experience all these things we are always seeking for more. When will realize that these feelings of insufficiency arise from the tension of the search itself, and if only we relaxed into our heart right now, we will feel complete?

As long as we doubt the validity of our true selves and hearts, we will continue veering off into the dead end streets of hope. And most of us end up in the same dead ends: food, family, money, work, sex, or intellectualization. Most of us also sense that, no matter how good our lives seem on the surface, underneath the façade we fill unfulfilled. We do not feel totally free or even ecstatic in love. Even in our intimacies, our deepest desires are often denied.

Our style of sexing reflects this tension, this anxious search, our unwillingness to sacrifice ourselves entirely in the giving of uninhibited, passionate love.

I want to surrender

I want to feel you surrender.

We must confess this to our lovers and to ourselves.



PS: Sex is good for you.


  1. Adding you to my blogroll.

    Submission is a form of personal's NOT about surrender of self. Sex IS good. <3 Thank you so much, Eddie. The truth finds us the moment we let go. No matter where we are, she finds us. :)

  2. Thanks... and I love that line on submission. Awesome!

  3. 'Most of us end up in the same dead ends... '
    That is what I think when I get a glimpse of the dreadful soaps on the TV. Is this really the sum of most people's lives? 
    You express love and sexuality in rather complicated (if beautiful) terms. I ask myself is this written from the POV of promiscuous love? Free to be me, free to love (sex), free to enjoy ever nuance of a sexual experience without guilt, without struggle, drawing in the empowering ecstasy of a perfect union?
    For there is another kind of loving. One that comes from pure giving of oneself to another, seeking to fulfil the other as much as being fulfilled oneself. Within a marriage, especially of two virgins coming together, this may takes years. Only love, love that is self-giving, has the patience to 'work' at the marriage in its entirety — through good and bad, for richer or poorer (in every sense). through all the frustrations in life generally not just in matters of sex. Never seeking to find sexual freedom and fulfilment elsewhere, but rejoicing when sex is good and accepting when it is less so. Love triumphs as two souls become one. Sex beautifies that union, not creates it.
    Well, that is my opinion for what it is worth. 


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