Saturday, January 22, 2011

I Did it First Behind the Stairwell

¡Hola! Everybody…
My second of a series on education can be found at Subversify (click here), the online magazine offering an alternative perspective from corporate media. Speaking of media, Keith Olermann’s voice will be sorely missed. KO abruptly announced he was leaving MSNBC last night. I know my mother, a progressive till the end, must be pissed!

Saturdays are for aesthetics here at [un]Common Sense

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I did it first behind the stairwell.

It was The Games
that prepared us all for
the brinkmanship of seduction.

You ran, you zigged and zagged,
you shook a little and you...

A series of challenges
that demanded a new game
when skill and boredom
combined to exhaust the
outer limits of tenderness,
as if preparing us all,
children in this
Cold War with women,
for our ultimate purpose:
seducing free games
from those patient and wise
young girls
who might have become
our best friends
if only the rules had allowed.

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