Friday, July 22, 2011

The Friday Sex Blog [Oral Consciousness]

¡Hola! Everybody…
We’re in the midst of a heat wave here in The Center of the Known Universe. I believe today we’ll hit the 100 degree mark. I love heat waves, mostly because it literally takes people out of their comfort zones. Their routines and behavior get out of kilter and they act less conventionally, if irritable. Clothing is discarded, tempers flare, passions are ignited. While people are going through this, all they do is complain about the heat. Of course, these are the same who complain about the cold. Wouldn’t it be wiser to spend your limited and finite life force on something more useful? I’m just saying…
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Oral Consciousness

We came too close again and
your tongue reached for me
and drew me into your mouth
as if I were a careless fly
doomed to the ecstasy of death
in the perfumed corridors
of your sweet,
wet throat.
 -- Eddie Rosario

     Ever notice how everything feels enlarged in your mouth? ::snicker:: A small cut or sore or a tiny grain of rice can seem huge. Observe that your lips and tongue are exquisitely sensitive to giving and receiving pleasure, tasting both the delicious and the bitter. Imagine, if you can, your whole body as sensitive as your tongue. Pretend that your whole body has that level of tongue-like sensitivity. Imagine French-kissing the computer screen or tasting the inside of your pants.

     Maybe it’s fortunate that your whole body isn’t like this. As it is, your potential for taste is sheltered from unwanted or a bombardment of flavors. Your tongue is sheltered by your mouth, safely ensconced behind the safety of teeth and jaws.

     A plant has no tongue and will never taste the salty sheen of a sweaty and trembling lover. Yet a flower dances and lifts its petals, dancing in the sunshine and the rain, rooting itself down in the moist, fertile earth without care of career or thoughts of death. A plant may have no tongue, but in its own way, it is singing its song of life, I am alive, from its roots to its petals.

     Try this… the next time you use your mouth sexually, be thankful that you can. Allow the experience of oral sex to expand and fill up your awareness. Explore the full landscape of oral sensations, the tastes and textures you lick, nibble, tease, and suck. Become totally immersed, as only a human can, in your oral consciousness.

     Before this birth and most likely after death, you have no tongue. I mean, who knows? But right now in this human incarnation, what is the most creative way to give joy with your mouth? How can you offer your soft tongue and skilled lips as a gift for the sake of others -- of another?

     You can certainly pleasure your lover by stimulating their neck, earlobes, nipples, thighs, or genitals with your tongue and lips. But can you push the envelope and offer your mouth for this purpose: to enable your lover to surrender as unrestricted love for the sake of all beings?

     This is the true purpose of sex. Oral sex is unique, because our mouths are so sensitive. Do you realize that more of your brain’s proportionate capacity is dedicated to your tongue and lips than to any other body part? This is obvious if you consider that a drop of salty sweat causes a different reaction if dripped on your back than on your tongue. This is even truer of a genital’s texture and taste between your lips. Your mouth knows most intimately of what it comes into contact with.

     Try tiny little licks or nibbles, movements smaller than a grain of sand. Allow your lover to feel just how sensitive your mouth is by the groans and grunts and oohs and ahs that escape you as your tongue and lips explore and discover the flavors and extreme textures of curve and ruffle that no plant will ever feel. Let your neighbor in the next apartment wonder why you are moaning so.

     Transform your tasted flavors into sounds, empowering your lover to feel your engorged responsiveness, connecting your hearts, amplifying the crackling energy of love to flow more freely between your two bodies. This is the heart of the matter: to translate your mouth’s extreme sensitivity into the service of the magnification of love. Oral sex -- the lapping/ licking of love -- erases the illusory boundaries between selves. Orally amplified love lingers long after your tonguing has ceased and your sucking has stopped.

    Anyone can feel this afterglow of love; so can a plant, believe it or not, and certainly your children and your friends can feel your open and vulnerable heart all day. Your liberated love is a blessing in their lives.

     Amplified love offered as a gift to others is what your tongue can sexually uncover. And why not? Anything less would be a misuse of this human carnal form we all wear. Plants have their own blessing -- their own sun dance. Offer your most sensitive human part as a gift of tender love amplified as a blessing to all. Stretch your limits and feel your natural radiance.

     My name is Eddie and I'm in recovery from civilization...

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