Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Scarlet Woman

Hola mi Gente,
Loving the change the change of seasons. Soon the series of free cultural events will break out in full regalia, reminding us why we live here and, sadly, reminding us of the potential this city has never full realized.

I love the following poem... 

* * *

Radical Femme

I stand five-foot-ten in my six-inch heels,
My new red hair is blazing in the sun.
Oh my sisters,
Spare me your judgments.

Let me tell you:
We are violated by those
Who would contain our greatest spirits and
Confine our largest passions
Into the small image of chastity.
We are raped by those
Who would have us believe that
Nice girls don't like sex.
They harm us more, and harm more of us, than
All the violence
of meat shot on split beaver.

Have you given the Goddess your orgasm today?

I love all that is sexy of woman:
Lean Atalanta with streamlined hips and
vulnerable earlobes, poised for flight;
Earthmother, abundant with flesh --
tits and belly and ass --
tremendous thighs and
A clear brown eye stunning me with candor.
A decorated beauty with mascara on her cheek
arches her back and clenches her fists,
Eyes gleaming in the candle watching mine eager:
Her muscles bulge as she waits her pleasure,
Magnificent her pleasure.
Have you given the Goddess your orgasm today?

In six-inch too-spikey heels
I went to a party with too many men.
I was five-foot-ten and none of them
tripped over me:
I don't need to run when I can look them in
the eye.

When my new red hair blazes in the sun,
I am not trivial.

I will wear my Self large and shiny,
Loud and passionate like the idols of my youth:
Mae and Bessie and Tallulah --
Outraging women,
Not to be ignored.

Yes, I stand five-foot-teen in my six-inch heels,
My new red hair is blazing in the sun --
Oh my sisters,
Spare your judgments.
Give the Goddess your orgasm today.

-- Scarlet Woman

* * *

My name is Eddie and I’m in recovery from civilization…

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