Monday, January 23, 2017

Neoliberal Bullsh*t

Hola mi gente,
I’m loving my new job! Great people, fantastic opportunity to help build something unique and effective, and a team that’s on board. Good things coming down the pike.

I love that people are organizing and protesting and strategizing. This past weekend’s activities are a good start. My hope is that we make a movement rather than moment.

Now on to the shit that will piss neoliberals off…

First off: will white neoliberal feminists throw the rest of us under the bus (again)?

As for Trump and the Democratic Party, I have some shit to say about that bullshit. Aside from basic differences on social issues such as gay marriage and abortion rights, for example, Trump/ Pence and Obama/ Clinton are far closer on major issues than many of the people who protested yesterday would have us believe. Obama’s is the first administration to have bombing runs done for every day of his administration. Where were the Hillary-loving, pants suits sycophants when that was happening?

Obama will have deported more people than any other president in history but you didn’t hear one word of protest on that front. Hillary didn’t merely hack an election in Honduras, as she and the corporate media allege, she backed a junta against that country’s freely elected government. And when that country's stability crumbled as a result of that junta and became the murder and rape capital of the world, Hillary proposed refusing to allow the women and girls admittance into this country, insuring that these most vulnerable of people would continue to be killed and raped.

But… there wasn’t one peep about that during yesterday’s protests. Talk about hypocrisy.

Yes, Trump plans to cut or at least privatize Social Security. Well, so did Hillary (and Obama). Trump is pro-fracking. Guess what? So was Hillary (and Obama). Trump belongs to Wall Street, but how is that any different from Hillary (and Obama)? Trump will deport millions, just maybe not as much as Obama did. Trump's itchy nuclear trigger finger is concerning, just as Obama’s was (although he flirted with abandoning that policy), while Clinton never wanted an end to nuclear stockpiling. And lest we forget, Hillary was hell-bent on starting some shit with Russia, recklessly provoking a rival nuclear power.

And yes Trump has a hard-on  for war China, just as Clinton and Obama seemed to be, playing with the specter of nuclear fire. Trump's hard line on Israel is impossible to distinguish from Hillary's or Obama's. And if there's a moral difference between Trump's fascistic nationalism and Obama/ Clinton's lunatic “American exceptionalism,” please enlighten me.

Trump's bullying of the press, and threatened radical restrictions on our civil liberties, might allow him to do more damage to the Bill of Rights than Obama's done already, but the jury’s still out on that one. The fact is that Obama's reckless expansion of the power of the executive branch is a gift for Trump, who will most certainly open that door a little wider.

The question remains which side would actually do anything for peace, economic justice, civil liberties, or climate justice? The answer to that, dear reader (if we’re honest) is: neither one.

My name is Eddie and I’m in recovery from civilization…

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