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The TGIF Sex Blog [Sexual Fantasies, pt. II]

¡Hola! Everybody…
Today’s blog entertainment is brought to you by one of our very own, who asked that she remain anonymous. Let me just say that DAT girl has a foine ass and when I first received these photos, I became so aroused that I immediately called the RSK and took it out on her! I fucked her long and hard. So sweetie? You’re partly responsible for the RSK’s swollen vagina last weekend. LOL

You all know by now how much I love the female derrière and this is a fine example of well-rounded, firm, and sexy BUTT!


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-=[ Sexual Fantasies, pt. II ]=-

“… Teeth, fingers, lips painted with the fruits of our childlike foreplay, we had our roll in the tangled undergrowth and emerged, scratched and bleeding, staggering, jaunty and rowdy with contempt for all those timid animals who still make noiseless love… ”

Do you have a sexual fantasy that’s utterly taboo, unusual, unnatural, and maybe even illegal? Well, welcome to the club! LOL

Almost everybody – male and female, young and old, prudes and sluts – have sexual fantasies. I would go so far as saying that not having sexual fantasies is abnormal and a sign of sexual dysfunction. Sexual fantasies, although once regarded as symptomatic of sexual and psychological disturbance, are now widely recognized as positive forms of erotic expression. I forget who said it, but I love the quote, “Repression is not morality.” In fact, sexual repression is an indicator of a diseased mind.

The mind is, after, all, the most important sexual organ. Without sexual fantasies, sex becomes sterile, mechanical, and uninteresting. It’s been discovered, for example, that people suffering from a chronic lack of interest in sex (hypoactive desire disorders) seldom have sexual fantasies. These people may stifle such thoughts because they feel guilty or ashamed about them, or they may simply not have them at all. Part of the treatment for such people is to actually help these self-censored individuals get in touch with their erotic impulse by teaching them to fantasize. Some women who have never had an orgasm, in fact, are able to become orgasmic simply by allowing themselves to engage their erotic fantasies during sex.

Without doubt, sexual fantasies are the most common kind of human sexual experience. Sometimes they are so vivid and steamy, that they hardly qualify as “fantasies.” One study I was reading asserts that about 1 percent of women can actually bring themselves to orgasm through fantasy alone – without touching themselves, or being touched. One study of ten such women showed that even under laboratory conditions – despite the totally un-sexiness of being wired and monitored by a crew of researchers – seven out of the ten women had a true blue climax, solely through the use of their minds. I need to get out more often! LOL

Sexual fantasies serve a number of purposes. One of the most common – reported by an overwhelming majority of both men and women – is to heighten sexual arousal. One of the most frequent sexual strategies is to use a favorite fantasy to move from the plateau phase of arousal. In fact, some men and women report that they are unable to be orgasmic unless they sue fantasy in this way.

Sexual fantasies, because they are safe and completely private, also allow you to let loose of your sexual inhibitions. You can explore all kinds of sexual situations, have all sorts of sexual partners, without being held personally responsible. Fantasies serve the function of helping release pent up sexual pressures and tensions in a harmless manner. In addition, you can “preview” an upcoming sexual activity, partly as a way of easing fears, and partly to “rehearse” a situation in advance and troubleshoot potential problems. It’s interesting to note that adolescents often use fantasy in this way.

One thing that’s important to remember: having sexual fantasies about something does not mean you actually want to do it, even if you could. Fantasizing about sex with a high school cheerleader, sexual bondage, or homosexual encounter may be a way of alleviating your fears, or satisfying your curiosity, about such practices. It’s fairly well known that some women fantasize about being raped – but that doesn’t mean they are actually longing to be forced into having sex. One researcher suggests that women who have rape fantasies often come from sexually repressed family households. For these women, the fantasy of being “taken” by a dominating male is often the only acceptable way to allow themselves to be sexual.

Studies at the Masters and Johnson Institute have shown that women who have “unusual” fantasies (of being raped, having sex with animals, of sadomasochistic sex) have no real interest in doing any of these things. Of course, sometimes sex fantasies do get out of control. Some individuals may become so obsessed with a fantasy that the real (flesh and blood) partners fade into unimportance. One hallmark of trouble is when an individual finds himself to bring a specific, aberrant fantasy to mind, every time, in order to become sexually aroused or have orgasm. This is called a paraphilia or perversion. And no, I don’t suffer from an anal paraphilia, but I do have a fetish for the female ass.

::blank stare::


One question that always comes up is the question of whether one should share their fantasies with their partners. One former lover got all weird out with me when I shared the “put on the Catholic School uniform and pig tails and let me fuck you in the ass” fantasy with her. It’s one of my fave role-playing games (after rape scenes LOL!). She freaked, thought t was demented, and relations between us quickly cooled down. I found her to be a boring lover, completely bereft of imagination and creativity, though she claimed to have a zest for sex and was experienced (it turns out she had one lover – her ex husband – for most of her adult life).

Listen, just because I buy you a schoolgirl or cheerleader uniform, doesn’t mean I want to fuck your daughter (unless she’s over 21! LOL!). In fact, the actual act of having sex with a girl unable to understand or reciprocate the emotional component of intimacy is a huge turn off. All I want id for you to play the fuckin’ role. *grin*

Most people report that actually acting out their fantasies is a let down. Sometimes the thrill lies in the fact that reality doesn’t intrude. Having sex in the jungle, the topic of my poetic snippet above, is probably not as sexy as I portray it. There are insects, and the scratching and bleeding part is real. LOL Still, I’m one of those people who actually enjoys acting out their fantasies.

I think the best way to share a fantasy is for a couple create a fantasy together. Meet a public place and act as strangers while you8 seduce one another (one of the big fantasies for both men and women is sex with a stranger). Alternatively, you might try a modified form of role-playing. If you have fantasies of wild passionate sex, where old clothes and then rip them off your man/ woman. Just think: after the sex, you can look at the tattered clothing as proof that you once lived.



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