Sunday, October 19, 2008

FAWK Colin Powell!

I’m breaking my “one blog a day” rule because I seriously believe you people lost your minds. Just thought I’d weigh in on the Colin Powell endorsement since it seems that Powell is the new savior for having, “put country first” for being so nice and endorsing Obama.

Yeah right.

I’m already sick of the many times I’ve heard today how “respected” Colin Powell is throughout America.

Let me put it this way, the only significance of the endorsement is that a die-hard republican crossed the lines to endorse the democratic nominee over the republican. This should serve as a statement on the incompetent McCain, not act as some kind of magical whitewashing of Colin Powell. Powell was a dupe for the Bush administration who knowingly lied to the American people and the world. He’s also not that far away from the same economic principles that have eroded the foundations of our democracy.

He’s not Elvis, Gandhi, Jesus Christ all rolled into one. He’s a neocon.


This does not change my estimation of Colin Powell whose politics have sucked BIG TIME!

Let’s just remember: Colin Powell is one of the major reasons we went to war in Iraq. I lost all respect for him after his 2003 United Nations speech. At that time, he committed one of the biggest frauds in the history of international diplomacy -- a deliberate and calculated fraud that, for my money, towers over major scandals like Watergate and Iran/ Contra. Sure, there were other Bush officials who helped get us into the war, but to deny that Colin Powell carried the spear for Bush & Co. in sending us into a war based on lies is to try to cover the sky with your hand. To me, he went up there and lied to our faces and countless people have died as a result of those lies.

So, let’s not get our panties wet thinking that being endorsed by someone like Powell is such a great thing. That bullshite may pass for sanity in the corporate press, but it shouldn’t fly anywhere else. A person whose most important legacy is destroying America’s international credibility shouldn’t be seen as a “serious” or “respectable” person. The notion that Powell was really a good guy could only be countenanced by a po;pulation that has completely lost its bearings. He wasn’t a good guy -- he was one of the handful of people who knowingly lied us into a war. That the mainstream media gives even a shred of credibility to this dishonest yes-man is not a commentary on Powell’s alleged positive attributes. It is a reflection of the elite media’s contempt for the facts and truth it purports to respect.

So, let’s get real on the man who supposedly “kept it real” today.

There’s no evidence that Colin Powell has a huge following outside the green rooms of the mainstream press, or (maaaaaaybe) in the African American community -- there never has been such evidence. I dunno, I’m surrounded by black people all the time and they seem to have a wide range of opinions, they don’t all walk in lockstep.

For my money, the question for progressives should be whether Colin Powell whether he should be considered a credible or trusted voice. The focus should be to make sure he is or isn’t credible based on his positions on issues of importance to progressive social movements.

If you see yourself as part of a progressive movement that is against lying to America for the purpose of getting us into Mideast bloodbaths, then you should see any effort to validate Colin Powell as an insult and a threat to the movement you profess to be a part of. Deep-throating Powell because he happens to be endorsing the candidacy of someone you like may feel good, but it’s the equivalent of taking a steaming dump on the goals of a progressive movement because it lends credibility to someone who directly undermined the movement.

So before you start a movement to nominate the ma’fucca for sainthood or go out tell your rabid neocon brother-in-law to vote for Obama because he’s endorsed by Powell, understand that by doing that, you are validating the ideas that Powell represents as a very important voice. Furthermore, understand that when you do that, you have no right to complain that neocons like Powell continue to dominate our political discourse as “credible” and “respected” voices.


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