Friday, October 10, 2008

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Geeeez… The economy is surely in a fucked-up state. Financial markets are deeply screwed up, and last Friday we learned that the
job market contracted by another 159,000 last month, the ninth month of consecutive job losses.

In other words, if the Bush tax cuts didn't make sense in 2001 and 2003, they make a whole lot less sense now.

Yet McCain doesn't merely want to extend these cuts forever. He wants to put them on steroids -- expand them dramatically, by cutting the corporate tax rate by about a third, at the cost of $735 billion over 10 years, according to the non-partisan Tax Policy Center (TPC). As Biden effectively emphasized in the Vice Presidential debate (smack down?), that move delivers $4 billion in annual tax cuts to the very same Wall St. Welfare Queens © that recently got their first $700 billion entitlement check.

What’s funny is that I was debating a so-called “fiscal conservative” on here the other day who was defending McCain’s proposal which is the opposite of what any true conservative, fiscal or otherwise, should be cheering. Let’s be real here, people, Neo-Cons are fine with Socialism as long as the right kinds of people are receiving the handouts. They love sharing, but only if the sharing concerns debt, and the taxpayers are the ones sharing it.


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-=[ Desire (Or: Strange Poosie) ]=-

“It's so much better to desire than to have… The moment of desire, when you know something is going to happen -- that's the most exalting.”

-- Anouk Aimee (1932–) French movie actress

I once dated a staggeringly beautiful woman. She was beautiful beyond anything I could approximate through mere words. Exotic, tall, with an arresting presence, and a curvy figure, she was every man’s wet drown given flesh. She said she loved my intelligence and confidence and the fact that her beauty didn’t intimidate me (it made me hard). As is true with most women like my friend, her love life was a mess: extremes between being lonely on the one hand and meeting jerks on the other.

There was one problem: she didn’t enjoy sex!

Contrary to what some people here think, I’m not a sex fiend. However, I do enjoy’re going to open at least a little. And it wasn’t that she wasn’t a “good lay” (whatever the fuck that means). Technically, she knew what she was doing -- sucked a mean dick. The problem was that she didn’t really like sex and liked true intimacy even less (but that’s most people -- including women!) Fucking my friend often felt as if she were performing a duty -- something necessary to keep me around. It was a real turn off -- all that material going to waste. Of course, being with me means

We didn’t last too long because it was frustrating for me to be around someone who saw sex as a duty and not an art to be practiced. The other day she called me. She’s now engaged and she’s having the same problem. I suggested she participate in some tantric workshops, open up some of those energy centers.

This is not an uncommon problem. First, we all like what a childhood friend and I used to call “strange poosie” -- sex with strangers, or new lovers. Moreover, women desire this also -- don’t give me that crap that you can only fuck under certain conditions with only certain lovers.


Studies show that one of the most powerful fantasies, for both men and women, is sex with a stranger. But why is it that we seek the novelty, why sex often becomes stale, especially in long-term relationships. I think part of the reason is that we don’t work at sex. Too many of us are like my former lover -- sex is something you have to do to keep your man (or woman) from getting it from someone else (strange poosie syndrome). It’s also because we often don’t screen our partners for their level of sexual desire. Especially over the long term. You know how it is: in the beginning the bitch can’t even bend over in front of me and I’m all over that ass! And she’ll often accommodate me and we’re happier than bugs in a rug. The problems don’t tend to emerge until much later.

Let me put it this way: if two married people want to make love only once every six months, that’s perfectly fine -- there is no problem. It’s only a problem when there’s difference in sexual desire that it becomes a problem.

Sure, one way to manage the problem is masturbation. Don’t look at me that way married men and women masturbation -- it’s normal. But I didn’t want to be jerking off all the time having that lovely body next to me. That was too frustrating. I’ll do it once or twice, but I want that poosie (or ass) ready, willing, and able --reasonably speaking.

The other day a married friend of mine and I were having a conversation. He’s always asking me about my personal life. He has a beautiful wife that I always flirt with. One day, he was reluctant to go home and when I asked him why, he said he had to go home because he and his wife had scheduled a sexual tryst. They have two young boys and I could identify: I remember when I was married and the sex had become more a duty than something to savor. I laughed at him and told him to go home and perform! LOL!

There are many factors involved in low sexual desire, but for me the most important one is lack of creativity. We fall into our ruts -- the lick em, stick em, and cum school of sex. It gets stale ladies and gentlemen. There’s no role-playing, or if there is, there’s no energy behind it. Sex isn’t a natural act, it must be practiced. In order for sex to remain viable, it must be an integral part of mutual growth. It must be almost like a religion. A religion in which both partners are transformed, becoming more evolved in the process.

If you can cultivate sexual energy in that way, then the sex never gets old, it’s always crisp, fresh, and new.

Hay Cariño?


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