Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday Sermon [Shameless Idiots]

¡Hola! Everybody…

I went to see Bill Maher’s Religulous yesterday. While I found it for the most funny, I think Maher, in his attempt to paint religion with a broad brush, throws out the spiritual baby with the bathwater. For example, he didn’t explore spiritual disciplines such as meditation and energy practices that modern science is only beginning to understand.

Still, the movie is a powerful indictment against the most destructive force on our planet: fundamentalism. I definite welcome its major premise and recommend to wholeheartedly whatever your religious affiliation or lack thereof.

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-=[ Shameless Idiots ]=-

McCain is shown briefly in Religulous attesting that he’s a fundamentalist. I think people in general will do and say some the dumbest things just to appear as if they belong. I wonder about voting onto office a man who apparently believes humans and dinosaurs co-existed…

News item: the McCain camp goes negative!


Well, I can’t say I’m surprised. Because the overwhelmingly majority of the American people saw through Sarah Palin’s blatant “Gee-Golly-Willickers-Gosh-Darn-*Wink*” attempt at style over substance, the McCain camp, seeing her as useless for anything else (she wasn’t even informed that the McCain camp had given up on Michigan), they’re now using her tired ass as an attack dog. I feel this is an appropriate role for what is obviously a vindictive incompetent woman (or a bitch in the most negative sense of the word).

The McCain camp is desperately seeking for this election’s Willie Horton/ Osama bin Laden -- the boogieman to distract voters from the looting taking place as a direct consequence of decades of conservative economic policies.

Having failed at winning on the economy, McCain stoops to attacks based on lies (independent studies show Obama’s tax plan will help the middle class).

Having failed on the so-called war on terror, he now sends the utterly clueless and incompetent Palin to attack Obama. A woman who did not know the duties of the Vice Presidential office she aspires to and who couldn’t even name a newspaper she reads.

In short, having failed to win in the arena of substantive issues, he’s falling back on the tired and true conservative playbook of dirty tricks.

Failing to demonstrate leadership during the most catastrophic economic disaster since the Keating Five S&L Bailout (McCain’s first corruption episode), he now stoops to dirty tactics.

No, I’m not surprised. The man has exhibited a sense of entitlement that apparently comes from being born into the upper crust of society and apparently will stoop to nay level to become elected. This is his last gasp, no one, not even the Kool Aid drinkers will vote for a 76-year-old.

He’s no maverick -- not by any stretch of the imagination -- he never was. At a crucial point in our history, the conservatives have turned once again from their country and put their best interests first.

I think they -- the conservatives -- have gone to the well one too many times and the American people are waking up from their collective slumber and finally seeing through the smoke and mirrors.

Gee golly willickers gosh ::wink::…



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