Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Sermon (The Sound of the Big Bang)

¡Hola! Everybody...
I’ve seen similar posts before, and I would have to honest in admitting that I’ve thought about (if only to chuckle), but I recently read a post regarding cyber relationships and death... Carissa brought this up recently and linked to an article about it (click here).

I have to say I have no contingency plans regarding my online life and my inevitable death. I don’t know how people would react, but this -- my writing -- this is it. Most days I post something here (and elsewhere). I am not ashamed of anything I’ve written and I think that it’s served at least some positive purpose. My only wish -- my only contingency death plan -- would be a hope that when I’m gone from this dimension, some of you would take the time to commit a silent act of kindness in my name.

That should be your prayer for me...

* * *

-=[ The Sound of the Big Bang ]=-

“Let us dare... ”

I never liked chanting -- it makes uncomfortable. But I once went on an extended loving-kindness (metta) retreat and much of the practice involved chanting. Metta chanting is the radiation of loving-kindness towards all beings: May they all be happy and peaceful. Metta chanting is a powerful practice and it was difficult for me because it took me out of my comfort zone.

I do loving-kindness (metta) practice whenever I’m feeling too much anger or resentment. One begins the practice by wishing one’s self peace, happiness, blah blah blah. Eventually, as you get better at it, you extend that loving kindness to people you know and love. The practice progresses until you can radiate loving-kindness to those you’ve had bad experiences. Eventually, as your heart opens, you radiate loving-kindness to those who have caused you great harm.

As I said, it’s a powerful practice, it changes you profoundly. I let go of a lot of hate, fear, and anger doing this practice.

But that fuckin' chanting! LOL

I have found that chanting is halfway between speaking and singing. The tone -- “Ah” -- is considered the first tone, the first syllable, the root. Someone once explained the tone “Ah” as a sound that emanated from the Big Bang. I liked that explanation.

Speak the tone “Ah” in you normal speaking voice. Now, sing the same tone. You will feel a difference. Chanting, I found, is to sing in your speaking voice.

Chant “Ah” with every exhalation for about five minutes. Feel the reverberations spreading outward, penetrating space, and dissolving into all that openness. All words are variations of a universal tone, modifications of the special “Ah.”

Now, no one loves fully and openly all the time, certainly not I. LOL But step back to reflect on what is the general order of your speech. Does it cause your heart to open in love and offer that as a gift, or do your words reflect the fearful contraction of a closed and sterile heart? Are your words barren or are they the fruits of an open and loving heart?

Chanting allows you to open the love in your heart. In the same way, everyday speech creates the same reverberations -- of opening (love) or contraction (fear/ hate). Chant “Ah” until you feel your heart open, a sound of love offering outward to all. Feel how word forms take shape, like waves. “Ah” is the openness of love. Words are its textures.

While speaking (or writing), feel each word and the universal “Ah” love-tone of which it is a modulation. Feel “Ah” as open love. Perhaps we can learn to begin to speak all words as shapes mouthed from the openness of your heart. Think of it as devotional speech modulating “Ah” so that every word released from your lips carries at least some measure of love, opening into space without end.

When I find the intent of my speech veering, I try to practice this chanting -- a connection back to the Big Bang all-pervading modulation of love.

Do I practice it always?


And sometimes love can manifest itself as tough. It’s a spiritual stereotype that we’ll all walk around in blissful levitation. Still, the only antidote I know for the fear, anger, hate and resentment within myself and others is to offer myself as open love. Yeah it’s corny and doesn’t make for much blog drama, but if I died today, would this blog and my speech stand as an adequate testament to my life? Time will only tell...

May I be free from enmity and danger

May I be free from mental suffering

May I be free from physical suffering

May I take care of myself happily

May my parents

teacher relatives and friends

fellow humans

be free from enmity and danger

be free from mental suffering

be free from physical suffering

may they take care of themselves happily

May even the dumb-ass resentful and bitter bitches on the internet be free and happy. LOL!

Okay, that last one doesn’t belong, it’s my addition... *wink*

Below is a beautiful rendition of loving-kindness (metta). Even if you don’t believe any of this shit, it’s powerfully soothing.”

May you all be happy, even those who would wish me harm...



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