Wednesday, March 4, 2009

White Women/ Black men

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-=[ White Women/ Black Men ]=-

Remember the big bucks-married-into-money “Hillraiser” who went over to the other side as soon as Obama was announced as the democratic presidential candidate? Here’s a woman who has worked ceaselessly for reproductive rights and the rights of women who, no sooner it dawned on her that she would have to vote for a darkie, chose instead to support a ticket totally ideologically opposed to her principles. When asked, she had no coherent response articulating her decision. Now wait! She did say she didn’t like Obama because he was an “elitist.” I shit you not, Lynn Forester de Rothschild (yes, that Rothschild), a prominent Hillary Clinton supporter and member of the Democratic National Committee’s Platform Committee, endorsed John McCain for president because she felt Obama was an uppity nigger.

Sometimes even those who claim to be logical fail miserably when deconstructed. Let’s take the idiots who now claim, because we have an African American president, that racism is dead. I had a white woman tell me that I could never talk about racism ever again because we had voted a Black man into office. We had similar parallels here in the cyber world. One woman, a woman who regularly fucks black men (I know this because, sadly, her sex affairs are fodder for mud-slinging blogfests), expressed the exact sentiment -- rather angrily, I might add. ::grin::

My response to her (and the rest), is classic: completely politically incorrect and nasty. My response was and still is that some white women will fuck a black man before they’ll vote for one. Mind you, I’m not saying that you should vote for a black man because you’ll fuck one. What my response highlights is the sad fact that some white women have an easier time seeing a black man as a sex object than to see him in a position of power.

I know, it’s a nasty thing to say, but oftentimes the truth is unattractive. I know how you felt when you discovered Santa Claus was a myth and that your lover, contrary to the movie (The Notebook), will leave yo ass as soon as you lose your mind.

And some reading this will say that I’m playing the race card (when did racism become a trump game?). However, allow me some room here. In many instances the very same white women who didn’t vote for Obama have been the most vociferous critics of his policies and administration. Forget for the moment that he’s been the POTUS for about a hot minute. The question that begs to be asked is where were these women when Bush was running the economy into the ground? If they’re being objective, as they seem to claim, then where were they before Obama? I should know better than to ask such questions because anyone that voted for Palin loses significant political cred in my book. So, what is the reason for the hate?

C’mon now, it’s been the neocon policies of the last 2-30 years that has created the current environment of horrendous wealth gaps, wage stagnation for the working stiff, and enabled the destructive effects of “Casino Capitalism.” Please stop the bullshit: the current mess isn’t due to a bunch of irresponsible borrowers were living beyond their means (which to me is just another way of saying “nigger”). The global financial meltdown has its roots in unfettered capitalism that should be called for what it is: fascism. Fascism, simply put, is rule by and for the corporate sector. In the past, financial practices encouraged today, the very ones that have brought this economy to its knees, would have been illegal.

But back to my point -- namely that there are many angry white women out there, many of whom would fuck a black man before they’d vote for one. To be sure, the white woman demographic was ambivalent toward Obama as late as September, ’08. McCain was enjoying a post-convention bump of about 15%-18% percent. Personally, I had it up to here...

::grabs dese nuts::

... with supposedly progressive white women who were painfully contorting themselves in their efforts to speak out against Obama. Okay: you’re for reproductive rights, but you voted for Palin why? Come again?

Obama recently proposed a budget that has fewer earmarks in it, invests in our children by boosting education and he’s now saying he ain’t taking no bullshit on healthcare reform. He’s looking, not to raise taxes (95% will get a tax cut), but bring back a more equitable tax structure, so that the rich, who benefit most from our infrastructure, pay their fair share. These angry white women are claiming the end of civilization as we know it because Obama, a black man, doesn’t know what he’s doing. Yet they had nothing to say when an underachieving white president very nearly destroyed us.

That’s why I say that there are white women who’d fuck a black man before they would vote him into office. And the reason for that is because they can’t stomach a black man in a position of power. It’s really that simple.



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