Friday, March 20, 2009

The TGIF Sex Blog (God in Your Cunt)

¡Hola! Everybody...
We’ve had about an hour’s worth of spring, but it’s snowing outside. So, is it really spring?

Anyway... some may have noticed I’ve attempted to delete certain individuals I feel I’ve been carrying too long. They would like to think it’s because they “disagreed” with me, but I would submit that before disagreeing one must first understand. In any case, others have taken exception to recent events and for whatever reason, have deleted me. That’s okay. My intent is to move away from the pack mentality. Hopefully, the people who have stayed have genuine intentions...

Please! If you don’t like anything here, or find what I write offensive, it’s okay to move on. Just close my door gently on the way out (or slam it, whatever creams your Twinkie).

Some people claim I copy my work from textbooks. LOL!

* * *

-=[ Do You Really Want to Be Fucked? ]=-

“... Swallow me into your heart

through your vagina.

Come claim your love

in gasps of pleasure.”

-- me

How much pleasure can that sweet body of yours handle?

Better put: can you feel God in your cunt?

::blank stare::

You know, you can touch yourself, or have your pussy licked, and there’s nothing wrong with that. You can shake and shiver your twat as much as you want. But to be really fucked, your whole pussy has to open, like a surrendered heart, purring like a puma, swooning open as love, throbbing open as your poor heart is given over to a Godly fuck.

Rubbing your clit, my dear, just isn’t it.

Sure, clitoral orgasms are fine, but your cervix is where it’s at, dearest.

You might say that it feels good to you, but how do I explain a landscape you’ve never seen or experienced? Many women who have graced my page have stated they’ve reached transcendent orgasms and who am I to dispute their experiences. At the same time, I have to wonder: how many of you have been fucked totally?

Look at you, screwing up your face like you’re about to get that rush of pleasure you want so badly. Holding your breath and clamping down on your pretentious energy, keeping it all locked up in that pretty little pussy of yours, building it up so you can do your thing. And when it’s over, you’ll still complain.

Gentlemen, you what I mean, don’t you?

You don’t?

All women love to complain. It’s a form of foreplay for them. If you buy into it, the game never ceases. It’s like a sexual Catch-22: she criticizes you, you feel belittled and defend yourself, she criticizes you for being weak, and so on. If you don’t know how to treat a woman you will argue with her. But let’s be clear, gentlemen, she wants one thing and one thing only. She wants to be fucked.

There, I said it.

And I’m not talking about licking her clit, or ramming your cock in her and pumping a few times. I’m talking about fucking her to smithereens. Fucking her to God. Do you know what I’m talking about?

I don’t think you’ve ever fucked a woman to smithereens -- never fucked a woman to God. Here’s fodder to the deleted thought police (and if you’re not familiar with my territory, you’ll run screaming from here, but so what?).In order to really fuck a woman, you’ve got to kill your father and fuck your mother, you know? In other words, you’ve got to leave your childhood behind and be a man.

Go ahead, run screaming.

Sir, you have a strange image of yourselves -- your dick is too small, you don’t think you’re as good as others. If you want to really fuck a woman, you first have to let all that go.

We all know that when you stroke your cock and rub your clit, it feels good. That’s not what fucking is all about. That’s not what we’re here for -- at least I hope not! Feeling good is for people afraid to feel God.

Ladies have you totally received a man into your heart and body? I mean actively received him, worshiped his cock, sucked him into you so deep no part of you was unknown to his penetration? Have you opened wider than the greatest you have ever felt?

I already hear some of you answering yes, but again: how can I describe a landscape -- a world -- you’ve never known? I think if you’re honest, most of you would answer that there is at least some measure of the fear of losing yourself. And my answer would be that your cunt is afraid of pleasure. Your clit isn’t afraid, but your cunt is. When was the last time your cervix pulsed as wide as the universe, so that your body radiated as a Divine bliss in waves to infinity -- so you lost yourself entirely, gone -- blown to smithereens -- so great is the bliss of complete surrender?

I would submit that you have never been fucked. And my question to you, sweetest, is: do you really want to be fucked?



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