Saturday, September 24, 2011

If I could...

¡Hola! Everybody... I actually love disagreement, or rather, debate. But much of what transpires on the internet and IRL, is not debate, but exhausting bullshit. Let me put it this way: you cannot disagree with a point of contention if you have failed to demonstrate you understand it first. ::sigh::
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Nows [no. 15]

If I could
I would guarantee you

bright sunny days
and soft, dry breezes

for all your Summers.

If I could
I would give you clear cold days
and clean snow

for the Winters you love.

If I could
I would give you Autumn,

dressed to the teeth,
at that most precious moment

when you most need change.

But if I want you

to remember me
as I will always remember you,

I will send you,




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