Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday Madness (Smell my Dick)

¡Hola! Everybody,
This is an open challenge to Mr. Bryson. Bee-atch: instead of posting idle threats of a “storm brewing,” and acting the fool, why don’t you instead for once in your life act like a true man and come clean about your abuses to the women unfortunate to be exposed to you? One brother sent me a post pointing out that the compassionate thing to do about your sorry ass is to reach out to you as a Christian. I’m no Christian, but I believe in compassion. However, my concern is more for the women you preyed and will continue to prey on.

Still, if you were a real man, instead of defending your cowardice, you would attempt to change and the first step in any change is to admit your wrongs. Another step would entail attempting to make genuine amends to the women you have wronged. You have abused, lied to, terrorized, and stolen from women. Moreover, that’s just what I know you have done on the internet. I’m sure there are many more out there. I realize your father may not have taught you, but be man and be brave! Come forward and admit to your abuses and try to make restitution and I will the first to have your back.

Somehow, I sense you will never be a man and continue with your lies, abuses, and deceit. Until you make a public admission, you will dance for Mr. T...


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Monday Ramblings
(or, “Smell my Dick”)

Well people, I’ve heard it all now. The way I see it it’s gonna be cool for women to sing, “Let me smell your dick.” Have you heard/ seen this video? I saw it posted on a couple of blogs and it’s hilarious. Back in the daze, a simple, “Let me groove you,” is all we got! The thing is this perverse Po’Reekan would find a deranged pleasure in having a woman sniff “The Panther Slayer.” LMAOOO! I’d be like, “Babes! Come smell my dick!” LMAOOO!

*insert video*

Okay! Just last night while waiting for a call, I’m hearing all this slobbering and when I look one of my landlord’s dog was steady licking his dick. Ladies? If I could suck my own dick, I would have nothing to say any of you! And please! Stop it with the analyzing. Sucking my own dick has nothing to do with homoerotic wish fulfillment. It’s sucking my own dick, not Joe Knechbone. Sucking my own dick would monosexual, I guess. Whatever! If I could suck my own dick, I would give you ladies no convo. And if I did, I would be vindictive about being able to suck my own dick. If you gave me too much lip, I sit down and suck my own dick just to show that “I don’t need you to suck my dick, so chill!”


Go ahead, argue with me, put the poosie on lockdown, make my day!

I’m being silly today...

On a more serious note, I started moving things into my apartment!

You don’t know how good it felt to finally trim my mustache and shave in my own shower. Oh, man! And I love my apartment; it’s the perfect bachelor’s get up. I live in a historic brownstone in Brooklyn. It was built in the late 1800s and it’s been meticulously kept. Here’s the upstairs kitchen/ dining room area of my landlord’s living space:

My own apartment -- a “garden apartment” -- is really cool. It has a fireplace (don’t know if it works):

It has the original wood wainscoting all around. The windows have the original wooden shutters. Here’s a partial view of the bedroom. It has a large closet:

The kitchen will need a little sprucing up. I plan to decorate, going for an Asian motif -- perhaps a nutty blending of Japanese minimalism with a Chinese nod to ornamentalism.

My apartment leads directly to a garden. I have a part of it for my use. I couldn’t take a pic from my apartment’s perspective, but here’s the view from my landlady’s back terrace:

Pretty cool, huh? Whatever the case, I’m just happy to have my own place after struggling with this issue for so long. I’ve been blessed, because the apartment, which can easily rent for at least $2,000, has been rented to me for less than that and utilities included.

Oh yeah! I almost forgot! I have also inherited a pet. He’s a very old dog called Chucky. Chucky has a very special vibe going on. He’s ancient -- 18 years-old. We’re gonna be with one another:

That’s it for today! Who loves you?



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