Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Only Adventure

¡Hola! Everybody,
Whoa! There was a lot going on at 360 yesterday. Everyday, people are being unmasked and exposed. I always say that if you’re dishonest, it comes out in the wash at some time. I have to shake my head and wonder the wretched lives some people live. I mean to create lives and personalities out of whole cloth?

* * *

Leap of Faith
“Sometimes you just have to take the leap and build your wings on the way down.”

I love that photo of Emily leaping into those crystal waters. You know me, everything has a meaning. I live in a world rife with symbols, meanings, subtexts -- the full catastrophe! LOL I love the photo because it’s an apt metaphor for life. We’re not truly living if we’re not leaping into uncharted territory at least occasionally. And Emily is doing that today. Shit, she’s going to Africa to do service. Now that’s a leap! LOL Sweetie, I know you’re gone by now, but if you wanted to leap so bad, ya coulda leaped right into my bed!


I can only imagine what’s going through her mind. She’s a single mother holding it down and here she is going away for 30 days to a hot spot (the Sudan) to do service. I’m sure she’s having some second thoughts right about now. LMAO!

But isn’t this the same in all our lives? Sometimes we hit a comfort zone and we think everything’s cool. However, if stop and look we might realize we’re not taking chances, or we’re not pushing the boundaries and I think what happens is that we wake up one day and swear we don’t know what the fuck happened! Not that I’m attempting to put Emily on a pedestal (she’s a looney! LOL!), but she’s going to do something she always wanted to do. How many of us have things we haven’t done for one reason or another?

I would guess a lot of you are nodding your heads right about now. I think the reason we don’t do those things is that it takes us out of our comfort zone. It’s extremely uncomfortable to get out of the routine and do something new -- even if it’s something we have always desired.

It’s the same when it comes to love and relationships. I’m infamous for leaping! LOL! But then, after I leap, I’m going, “What the fuck am I doing?!!” Opening up and committing to loving another is a huge leap of faith. My thoughts usually go along the lines of, “I’m happy, free, and serene being single!” And to a large extent, it’s true: It's not as if I'm yearning to be "completed," or some bullshit myth like that. I’m not “looking” for a connection per se, but don’t we all love being with another? I guess we love because it is the only true adventure.

Theres another photo taken immediately after the one above. In that photo Emily is threading water, looking as if Christmas arrived early and the caption reads, “the water was so good.” And I guess that’s my last point today. So many times when faced with decisions we tend to think about it forever, dip our toes in the water repeatedly, do everything but jump. Still, when we finally take that leap there is nothing greater than the joyous freedom we experience as we sail through the air on our broken wings.

May you all take the occasional leap and Godspeed, Emily...



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