Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays

¡Hola! Everybody...
Due to my procrastination, I will have to work especially hard today. But after today, I will be off until the New Year, which is a good thing...

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-=[ Feliz Navidad ]=-

“All great truths begin as blasphemies.”

-- George Bernard Shaw

I won’t get the chance to go around to everyone and personally wish them a Merry Christmas, so this will have to suffice. In a real way, many of you have become part of a daily ritual that keeps me honest and for that I would like to thank you all.

I realize it’s popular to say that this isn’t real, it’s only the internet, but I believe that’s an excuse for some people to act without conscience. As if we could compartmentalize our lives in ways that release us from accountability for our behavior. That’s a lot like a friend who believes fellatio isn’t really sex, so he goes to the massage parlor for a “happy ending” though he’s married to a lovely woman.

Or the woman who let me have anal sex with her because to her that wasn’t really sex, and it allowed her to maintain her virginity (yes, I loved her dearly).

Or the people who come on here and fake it all.

I’m not pointing this out in order to set up some bullshite rant -- opinions really suck. I’m more concerned with pointing out the reality that what we say and do matters no matter the context. And I point this out because I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for being who you are-- whatever that is.

Today, I will be visiting with friends, having fun and celebrating life mostly with people I love and who are like my second (chosen) family. I am happy in a way I could never adequately describe to you and looking back at the bulk of what I written here, I guess my message has always been that you too can be happy.


I think there’s an important message in this holiday -- one that gets lost. Let’s forget about divinity and dogma for a moment. I think the core message today is that we would be better served if we brought our spirituality attention back to earth -- down here on the ground. If we could stop living as if this were merely a temporary training ground for a life in the hereafter, we could then begin to feel ourselves as part of the life of this planet and begin to take better care of our environment. If we could bring our sense of the divine to this earthly existence, we might find more joy in living, however briefly, in the here and now.

There’s the story of a humble birth in a manger -- the manifestation of the divine in the body of a man. And you’ll argue with me, but the way I see it, he said we’re all children of the divine.

Psychologically, the life of Christ is retold within all of us. That is what forces us to live completely, an adventure which is often as heroic as it is tragic. It leads us into all dangers and defeats, and into the light of knowledge, which is to say, into a higher consciousness. This is the evolutionary drive that compels to become whole, or as One with Creation.

So let’s stop looking upward in prayer and gratitude for this or that. Instead, let us bring our awareness here to the earth and all around us, to celebrate Nature, the instrument of our creation and the most obvious of all our gifts.



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