Saturday, February 28, 2009

Irakere (The Jungle)

¡Hola! Everybody...
I believe deranged people -- those not allowed outside without proper supervision -- make cyberspace their home in disproportionate numbers. I am not one to pass judgment. Whatever you say about me, you’ll have to admit that I’m slow to judgment.
However, being judgmental and using one’s judgment are two different things.

There is a woman who has allowed her anger to spill out to the point to where she’s even accused me publicly of being a pedophile. I believe she expresses subtle racist notions when it comes to Obama. She actually sent me that stupid email about Obama being the antichrist, perhaps you've seen it? Anyway, what’s her rationale (if such a word can be applied to her thinking)? According to her, I’m a pedophile because I posted a nude photo of a young girl a while back. I posted it as a jumping off point in a discussion about obscenity and art.

Now, pedophilia is a strong accusation, one not to be taken lightly. However, one must take the accusation with a grain of salt, considering the source. Here’s a woman who pays for men to travel to her home so they can have sex. She does this though she’s the mother of a teenaged girl. Furthermore, at least one of these “men” stole from her and then posted nude pictures of her all across the internet. He also went on extended rants about the sexual acts she did for him (felatio, etc.)

In fact, she once asked that I take the individual in question to task for his behavior (which I did). Normally, I would let this slide. After all, this is a woman who has admitted to a series of abusive relationships and who’s aggressive in her behavior. But I think that once you come out your ass, then you’re fair game. So Amy? Before you throw another rock, please get your own house in order? I certainly hope you do at least for your daughter’s sake. After this, I'm leaving her to her own bile...

I guess I should place pedophile on my list of character traits according the fragmented: Bigot, intolerant, asshole, sexist, intemperate, thin-skinned. C'mon psychos what else am I?

* * *

Nows [no. 23]

In some remote
rain forest,
under the approving eyes
of the ancient Orishas,
we took each other,
like animals
of the jungle.

Teeth, fingers, lips
painted with the fruits
of our childlike foreplay,
we had our roll
in the tangled underbrush
and emerged,
scratched and bleeding,
staggering, jaunty an
rowdy with contempt
for all those timid animals
who still make noiseless love,
undressing in
the darkened chambers
of their shame.

-- Eddie

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