Saturday, February 7, 2009

Prelude to a Kiss

¡Hola! Everybody...
You all need to understand that when I say I am not interested in your opinion, I’m not being “mean.” I’m trying to get past our everyday opinions and perhaps pointing a finger at something more expansive. Opinions are hugely overrated in any case.

Take, for instance, the ass sniffers still whining about Daschle’s taxes...

::blank stare::

Now, on to something more important. Shit like people losing their jobs and homes. Which brings to mind the other ass-sniffers who go on about “choices?” Have you noticed, or is it just me, it is often those who claim the higher moral ground that have the most skeletons in their closets?

But let’s forget about the hypocrites for now. Here’s the relevant issue:

Bang for the Buck_ 002

While you’re out here offering tired opinions on tax arrears and women having babies, we’re missing out on the boat. Notice that tax cuts offer a negative return. Observe also that tax cuts have been the mainstream mantra for decades now. Still with me? Please note what conservatives are offering as part of the cure (yes, more tax cuts for the rich).

See that? That’s your mind on weapons of mass distraction.

Please wake up

The following is mine. It needs work, but I won’t work on it unless I put it up...

* * *

-=[ Prelude to a Kiss ]=-

Closing my eyes,
seeing you,
picturing your moonlit face,
the barely perceptible down on your face.

Lifting my finger to that
dust of hair on your cheek,
ruffling it against the grain of the light
until it's a silvery powder.

Bringing my face to yours,
our mouths aligning,
but not yet kissing.

Somehow staving off
that gnawing hunger.

Our lips adjusting, grazing,
making the slightest calibrations
of angle and shape
as if we were whispering
into each other's breaths.

Both of us straining
against an uncontrolled desire
to create our first kiss.

A kiss I know I have been waiting
for longer than even my tired eyes
could ever tell you,
to make as close
to perfect

-- Edward-Yemíl Rosario 2008

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