Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Art of the Kiss

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I’ll be away (as I am every Thursday) all day and most of the evening. Today, I’m reposting something I wrote regarding one of my fave pastimes... LOL!

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-=[ Kissing 101 ]=-

Or: Swapping Spit

I love to kiss. Period.

I kiss for kissing’s sake and I can continue there and kiss you till the cows come home, till day reaches night. Just lying there, clinched together, my hardness pressed against your softness, tasting the fruit of your lips.

I love the totality of the kiss. I revel in the anticipation, the prelude, when your eyes invite me in (or you hit me with a brick, cuz I can be dense sometimes LOL!). I love the lingering just before before the first time I taste your lips and breathe in your essence -- the smell of your hair, your perfume. I drink in the catch of your breath and love to tease you until you angle your head and then I slowly, tenderly, graze my lips against yours before taking that final deep, slow plunge into your very heart.

I want you to remember the first time I kiss you because I will -- always.

Whether you love me or not, whether we ever even see each other again, it doesn’t matter because a kiss is an eternity, forever etched into our hearts, so I want you to remember where and when… and how.

Did I mention I love to kiss?

I love all of it and I can stay kissing you in all the myriad ways and locations imaginable; selfishly enjoying the way you open to me, accommodating my desire, taking in the expression of my want. I like short nips and long engaging kisses, kisses that say I’m sorry, and kisses that tell wordless histories of pain and love. I especially relish taking in your bottom lip and tenderly sucking on it, savoring the sticky-sweet dew as I would the wedge of a syrupy, ripe mango.

I can remember the first girl I kissed. Her name was Emily, she lived next door to my cousins, and we were 12 years-old that dark and cold Chicago night so many years ago. From a radio the song, “Yellow Mellow,” was playing, and my cousins threatened to tell on us because they had wanted to kiss her, but she only allowed me.

That was my first.

I love to nuzzle you where your neck meets your collarbone and I delight in the way your legs reflexively part when you answer my kisses, congratulations of well-deserved, unorthodox applause. I linger for what seems like an eternity inhabiting the preamble of our kiss because I want to take all of you in -- all of it, every secret, every hurt you ever felt, every joy you ever experienced -- I want to kiss all of that… softly… tenderly... repeatedly.

You incite me when you push against my teasing and explore my mouth with your insistent tongue -- as if you can’t wait for me to be inside of you. I wait like a child at Christmas for that moment when you open your eyes and we stare into each other's void. The prospect of tasting your saliva makes my own mouth water. I want to clutch your hair, push myself against you, and dominate you with my kiss, taking in all of you: caressing the curve of your ass, the way I can almost feel the lips of your vagina yield to my hardness through our clothes, that fresh, flirtatious look enticing me onward.

I love to kiss and I could stay kissing you for a very long time -- just kissing you for the sake of kissing because now I can kiss you when I feel like, how I want to…

I guess I love kissing so much because I don’t see it as a step in a series of steps to make love to a woman. Kissing is the very connection to my heart of hearts and it’s as food for the soul. I firmly believe that if people kissed more often there would be less hate in the world. No matter what form the kiss, it’s sure to get your juices flowing.

Research shows that the pleasure you feel when kissing -- the weakening in your knees, that faint feeling -- is part of the mental stimulation that fires up our neural networks. A signal transmits from the nerve endings in our mouths, lips, and nose to the brain in a nanosecond. That little box in your head (not the other little box) is the ultimate sexual organ. Our hearts beat double time. Our lungs pump oxygen. Our salivary glands mist and our jawbones unhinge as our tongues twirl and swizzle.

That signal zips along our spine and messages from the pancreas and adrenal glands tap into our pelvic nerves. With all that blood rushing like wildfire, we get flushed and we tingle in certain places. Getting scientific, good passionate kissing causes a rush composed of norepinephrine, dopamine and phenylethylamine -- neurotransmitters colliding with the brain’s pleasure zones and creating feelings of delirium. Did you know our brains have a function that helps us locate each other’s lips in the dark?

The reason why people take up dangerous sports is because those activities create a similar adrenaline surge. It’s a pity: all you have to do is kiss me and you’ll get the same rush you would as sky diving.

If you ask me, that’s a lot of work (not to speak of expense) for a high we could get in your living room.

Yup, give me kissing any time!




  1. This post was lovely, spectacular and made me want to go out and kiss somebody! Love your blog!

  2. Thanks sweetie! MUAH!


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