Friday, April 11, 2008

The Friday Sex Blog [Gray Pubes]

¡Hola! Everybody,
Our company internet was down all morning!

People: there’s nothing like spring in New York. If you can ever possibly pull it off, you should visit here during the spring. I promise you will never forget it.

On a related note, I mentioned a couple of days ago that I have intentionally neglected my romantic life. There are many reasons for this, but I am dating again. What’s a summer without a summer fling followed by an autumn heartbreak? LOL


I’ve dated this one particular young lady a couple of times. Mind you, it’s nothing serious but aside from the fact that she’s so young, she definitely has a lot of potential. I find myself enjoying her laughter and the artless way she puts it all out on the table. What’s funny is that I initially didn’t have much of an interest in her. However, the more I get to know her, the more I become attracted. Stay tuned...

* * *

-=[ Crotch Makeovers ]=-

Yesterday, I was thinking of what to post on the Friday Sex blog and I was coming up a blank and as I was enjoying dinner with a couple of friends, the discussion turned to dating and then, yes, sex. These days everybody is making me out as the “sexpert” and that’s in large due to all the research I’ve been conducting in service of the Friday blog. What happens is that people now call me when they have a sex question. LOL! Do they realize who they’re calling?!! LOL

In any case, the conversation turned to sex and we started cutting up on gray pubic hairs. One of my friends admitted that he had some gray pubic hairs and he asked me if there was anything he could do about it. Of course, my under-25 friend was confused, apparently she’s decades away from seeing her first gray pubic hair. LOL Just so that you all know: I don’t have gray pubic hairs, though if I did, I would think it would make my cock look “distinguished.” Just think that you could have the Anderson Cooper of cocks!

The other day, my ex accused me of dying my hair. I have one gray hair on my head and I’ve had it there since I was in my early thirties. She resents the fact that though I’m almost a decade older, she has more gray hairs. I’m lucky, I’m genetically not predisposed to aging. I have DNA that fights wrinkles. LOL! I’m 52 but I’m rawkin’ this ma’fucca.

But I digress...

While I do look younger than my years and don’t really worry about this aging thing, I do understand the need to beat back signs of wear and tear. After all, it’s all so fuckin unfair, right? Well, you’re in luck because they make pubic hair dye. I’ve seen it and it’s mostly marketed for women, but that shouldn’t be a reason why it shouldn’t work for us guys. Here’s a great freebie idea! Someone come up with Grecian formula for Cocks!

On the other hand, you can always wax that ish right off. My new girlfriend tells me it doesn’t hurt as much as people act as it does. Trust her, she says. But that not may be a solution because then it would expose how wrinkly and droopy your ball sacks have become. I don’t know, but some guys might be sensitive about that. Finally, you can shave your crotch area, but let me warn you: I did this once for a lover and when that shit starts growing back, it itches like a ma’fucca! Once you shave, you’re going to have to shave all the time, which is time-consuming and a bitch. I told my former lover that she would have to put up with the “flossing” (getting pubes stuck in teeth) or find someone else. She responded by saying she would no longer shave her twat, which was fine by me because I am soooo sick and tired of seeing shaved pussies.

Which brings me the second half of today’s post. Ladies? Some of you need to hide those lips, okay? I know it’s a mean thing to say, but some pussies were meant to be hidden under all that bush. If you think it makes your twat look fresh and young, think again! Face it ladies: You’re not a virgin anymore! Own up to it. That pussy’s been rowed hard and long and a little hair on the poonie is nice on worn pussies. It gives us fellas something to munch on while we’re down there. Or at the very least be creative and make a shape like an arrow pointing to the slit of a triangle or heart or something.

I’m sayin’!

Happy Crotch Makeovers!



PS: Sex is good for you, try it once or twice a year.

PPS: Sorry that the only pussy picture I could find today was Anderson

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