Friday, April 25, 2008

[un]Common Sense Sex Blog (Sex Blog Party)

¡Hola! Everybody,
Today I would like to try something new. Actually, I’m trying to ingratiate myself, so help a brother out, will ya? LOL

As some of you may know, our dear Emily will be leaving soon to do some relief work in Africa. She’ll be gone for a month. Initially, I was a little concerned that King Kong may take her or that some long-forgotten enlightened African society will abduct and sacrifice her as “The Great White Virgin,” but we all know any cursory investigation will show without a shadow of a doubt that she’s not a virgin.

Image of enlightened forgotten African society kicking Emily out

Now, I know some of you reading this (many of whom aren’t on my friends’ list) know that Emily and I have had have the occasional flare-up on 360. And in fact, Shay even told us to chill at one point. And yes, it is true, we have had some major public catastrophes, but the bottom line is that sometimes passion is expressed in many different ways. If I didn’t care, I wouldn’t take the time to bother and neither would she. We fight because we… well I won’t say it, but you all get my drift, right?

*grin* (she’s gonna kill me!)

Having gotten this out of the way I would love for us to have a sex blog party for Emily!

The First Annual [un]Common Sense Sex Blog Party

Almost anything is allowed (please refrain from midget abuse).

We had a dinner planned for her, but she never returned our call, so we ate anyway. The food was GREAT Emily!

We have some festivities under way and the infamous Pool Bois have promised to make a rare appearance. Here they are at the parade we had for Emily (she missed the parade too. EMILY ANSWER YOUR PHONE!):

We tried to get a male dancer, but considering that Emily hasn’t had sex in, like, a decade (I fear she’s re-grown an intact hymen), we thought that wouldn’t be a wise idea. Instead, our very own TJ agreed to perform for Emily. Go TJ, Go TJ, Go TJ!

[Note: Due to the highly erotic content of this video, it has been blacked out by the FCC]

Finally, we have the latest performance by the Pool Bois. This is the first time this piece has been performed for the 360 public! It’s the hawt new hit called “Fuck a Midget, We Gonna Piss on Your Parade. It features everybody’s fave midget Morris Harding!

(Why is Stiffy peeing on Morris? ::blank stare::)

Now wasn’t that something, folks?!! I was going to have Bitch Bryson do a strip tease for Mr. T but he chickened out (no surprise there).

Sex is free today in the [un]Common Sex Blog. Just please clean up after yourselves.

Emily? Remember you promised me freaky, no-holds-barred sex (anal too) when you come back.


Baby! May you take this opportunity to do service as a vehicle for healing not just for others, but for yourself too. I will miss you while you’re gone.



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