Wednesday, April 2, 2008


¡Hola! Everybody,
Yesterday my friend brought me papers making the garden apartment a sure thing. Now I just have to wait for the current tenants to vacate! yay!

* * *


“Don’t make nasty comments about yourself behind your own back.”

A flash of lightning and I was suddenly reminded that I am here to remind you who you really are: You’re an immortal freedom fighter in the service of the Divine Principle (Love). It is a fact that you have temporarily taken human form, suffering a bout of amnesia regarding your true divine origins, in order to liberate all beings from suffering and help them claim their blissful awareness, which is their birthright. As a spiritual warrior, you will accept nothing less than bringing heaven here on Earth.

Yes, I realize your task may seem impossible. Ignorance, apathy, and a stifling morality (dressed as conventional wisdom) seem to surround you on all sides. Being a cynic is considered cool, mean-spirited humor is tres chic, and stories of treachery and degradation create a thrill in people who would otherwise consider themselves intelligent. Beautiful truths are suspect and disposed, while ugly truths are readily accepted and believed.

In order to fight against these odds, you to be both an angry insurrectionist and a lover of life. You have to cultivate your boundless joy even as you take in and resist the temptation to swallow the thousands of delusions smartly packaged and marketed by very self-important people who act as if they know what the fuck they are doing. You will have to learn how to stay in a good mood even as you pick your way through the rotting hallucinatory vegetation mistakenly accepted as reality.

One hint: reality is not on TV.

(to be continued later... )

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