Wednesday, November 12, 2008

American Taliban (or Unfocused on the Family)

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You may have noticed (or not) that I haven’t mentioned “The Moose” lately. That’s because in my mind, Sarah Palin represents everything that’s wrong in America today: stubborn religiosity combined with a willful ignorance compounded by an alarming lack of intellectual curiosity. She’s Bush on “ignant steroids” and we know how well that went.

Palin has given more interviews in the last two days than she gave throughout the campaign and some neocons are seeing her as the future of the GOP. I certainly hope so. I keep expecting her to break out in tongues as she talks about Putin “rearing” his head over Alaska. SMDH

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-=[ The Evangelical Pope ]=-

“Pain is a marvelous purifier… There is a muscle, lying snugly against the base of the neck… When firmly squeezed, it sends little messengers to the brain saying, ‘This hurts; avoid at all costs.’”

-- James Dobson on ideal childrearing practices

You might remember that Dobson was the guy who led thousands in a prayer beseeching the Lord to make it rain on the closing of the Democratic convention. Of course, what happened was that a hurricane appeared and mucked up the republican convention, forcing some observers to note that God is probably a democrat (Well, Jesus did ride into Jerusalem on a donkey, not an elephant! LOL).

Many of you may not know about James Dobson but you should because he’s one of the most powerful men in this country. Personally, I feel Dobson is nothing more than a hate-monger using his interpretations of the gospel to promote a fascist agenda.

I believe Focus on the Family is a cult and I know that Dobson has no training in theology or biblical studies. He was trained as a “child psychologist” who has a history of distorting data to suit his need to spew hate. He has never written a peer-reviewed article and has no real academic standing to speak of. In fact, among his academic peers, he is seen as a fraud (see the video).

Some facts about Focus on the Family:

  • Last I checked has an annual budget of $146 million and receives so much mail it has its own zip code.
  • Distributed 8 million “voting guides” during the 2004 elections.
  • Organized boycotts against AT&T (supports gay rights), Proctor & Gamble (supports gay rights), and Abercrombie & Fitch (runs sexy ads, but are prolly a bunch of homo lovers too!).
  • Employs 1,400 employees and answers thousands of calls daily at it Christian “counseling” hotline.

I think he should change the name of his organization to Focus on the Fags.

Dobson first gained his notoriety with his book, Dare to Discipline, in which he advocated, among other things, to beat children with straps and switches. He also believes that beating “sick and deformed” children is good because, after all, why should normal children be the only ones to feel the love. He rationalizes that his own mother beat him and look at how good he turned out to be! Considering his obsession with homosexuality, I would hazard that he was toilet trained at gunpoint.

I bring Dobson up today because he saves the bulk of his hatred for homosexuals, who he feels will “destroy the earth.” Dobson believes that homosexuality is a sickness, a psychological disorder that can be cured. In the late 1990s, Dobson created Love Won OutSodom, but you can’t take the homo out of homos (OK! bad joke LOL!). whose mission was to provide “reparative therapy” to homosexuals. In other words, he was gonna cure fags. Interestingly enough, the program’s original director, “ex-gay” John Paulk, (who was married to an “ex-lesbian”) got in trouble for cruising gay bars! LMAOO! Which proves that you can take the homosexuals out of

If you’re a rabid evangelical, then maybe you should be checking your son for the following signs of homosexuality (according to James Dobson):

  • May avoid other boys and their “rough and tumble” activities.
  • “Preference for cross-dressing.”
  • “Strong and persistent preference for cross-sexual roles in role play.”
  • “May affect exaggerated gestures and even the walk of a girl.”

According to this, I should be a flaming fag. Dobson also points out some stereotypical roles fathers should play. I’m not even going to enumerate them here because some asshole here will agree with them and I refuse to encourage rape culture!

Why should you be concerned about Dobson? I know some of you dumb ma’fukkas are mumbling stupid shite like “live and let live… ” blah blah blah.

You should be concerned because Dobson holds enormous influence over our politics. His radio shows reach over 200 million people daily and Dobson uses his sheeple to put the fear of God in politicians. Dobson famously said that “republicans love to tremble” and he has been known to force legislation. In other words, he is forcing you to live by his beliefs. Dobson was an advisor to Bush, among other evangelicals, for example. In effect, he has a direct line to the Oval Office. Cross him and you will never get the wacky far right to vote for you (just ask McCain, Guilliani, and Fred Thompson).

Yesterday, quite a few people sent me private messages in response to my same sex post. Some of these messages were interesting. One person in particular told me “someone’s belief will have to sit down” with regard to the issue of same sex marriage. This is troubling to me because last I looked the Constitution is not about religious beliefs, it’s about the law of man. We live in a secular society and the way I see it, I have the freedom to follow my beliefs as long as they’re within the confines of the Constitution. People who follow Dobson don’t believe in this democratic ideal. They want to shove their beliefs down our throats. They want to create a theocracy like the Taliban or Iran, or Saudi Arabia, where fags ans women still get stoned to death.

Be scared, be very scared because if they can do it to the G&L community what makes you think they won’t do it to you?

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