Wednesday, November 5, 2008


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-=[ Mandate! ]=-

“Government of the people, by the people, and for the people… ”

Yesterday morning, on my walk to work, a young black man pulled up in a tricked out SUV with his speakers blasting. what was he playing? He was blasting an Obama speech! LOL

Yes we can… ” reverberating throughout the early morning quiet of a Brooklyn block…

Last night across the nation, hardcore right wing adherents were kicked to the curb -- evicted from their perches of power. Previously untouchable red states, voted blue. Shite, I’m willing to bet quite a few racist ma’fuccas voted Obama when the curtain was drawn…

Where I was at, it was a lot like New Year’s Eve with complete strangers hugging and kissing one another. People walked the streets with tears in their eyes…

Yes, we can! Yes, we can! Yes, we can!

All over the world, from Australia to Japan to Kenya were celebrating in the streets. And I don’t blame them, the most powerful nation in the world now has a leader that can properly articulate an idea. For too long we have worn our willful ignorance on our sleeve like a badge of honor. Maybe now that we have someone who actually had to work hard for his education, we can come back to honoring intelligence over buffoonery.

Obama didn’t just win an election, he won a mandate from the people. They voted in one of the largest majorities in the House, and a significant majority in the senate.

Not since LBJ has a democratic candidate won that much of the popular vote. Make no mistake about it: Obama won and won massively.

No, it doesn’t mean some of the deep structural changes now desperately needed will happen during an Obama administration, but I can safely say that the people sent a resounding message that they’re not down with that “small gubmint” “trickle down” bullshite. That much is sure.

Sure, wacko fascist Michele Bachman managed to be re-elected (what is up Minnesota?!! ::blank stare:: ) but last night means that the neocons have become a party of The South -- their tenuous coalition of social and economic conservatives fractured. They never liked each other anyway.

Good riddance.

What you may not know is that the conservative political stance is the radical stance. When asked, a plurality of Americans has consistently disagreed with conservatives on a wide range of issues -- from the role of government to taxation. The genius of the conservative movement was that they had been able to convince an apathetic American public otherwise. Their greed was their undoing. That’s why you hear neocon whimpering today.

Change will not come easily and already the pundits are attempting to paint a Pelosi/ Reid/ Obama axis of socialist evil. Those entrenched in the power structure are a little nervous today. You hear the MSM teleprompt readers, saying: “We’re not gonna get all radical and lefty are we?”

Well, we already have a lot of socialism in this country except it’s socialism for the corporations. I think Americans are looking for some that socialism for the middle class. Despite the MSM spin, Obama is no radical by any stretch and he will not be able to deliver a vision from the center. There are plenty of conservative democrats and a minority of the American sector clinging to the “less gubmint, less taxes” mantra, but that is becoming a thing of the past.

But I won’t go into my concerns with an Obama administration. I want to enjoy this for a little while… I will bask in the realization that a black man -- a person of color -- will be occupying the White House. I will reflect on the fact that if you put a “Whites Only” sign on the lawn of the White House, it would’ve been appropriate.

No more…

I will enjoy piece of history for what is is for now.

What we need is a Marshall Plan for America. If we can even dedicate a fraction of the resources we squander away on Welfare for the Rich (aka trickle down theory), and in places like Iraq and Israel, we can begin to rebuild an America and usher in another golden age for the middle class.

That will take and determination and decisive tilt to the left, but it can be done. It must be done…

Announcing a reckless and premature victory, the inept George Bush stood on the USS Lincoln in 2003 and said:

“We’re helping to rebuild Iraq, where the dictator built palaces for himself, instead of schools and hospitals… ”

Last night I listened to a man speak of rebuilding America and that gave me hope.

That is the hope I found in my heart when I woke up this morning.



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