Saturday, May 2, 2009

"... in the Corner of my Past"

¡Hola! Everybody...
Okay! I hate waking up and not knowing, for the first few seconds of wakefulness, where I’m at! I have no time, but I do hope to catch the new X-men movie. Have a great day, people. It’s going to rain forever here at the Center of the Known Universe.

* * *

Yesterdays [no. 3]

A case of Bacardi for the crazy ladies
in the corner of my past,
the hectic, horny days
of yesterday!

They beckon me back
to my forgotten madnesses,
those blackout-induced black holes
of cognition
that have grown into storytime delights.

Sure, they often left before dawn
to test my memory
with a perfumed and pummeled pilllow.

And they sprayed me with
cans of habichuelas,
broken bottles,
and their sadnesses
to leave me forever bruised
and bleeding.

But they cared, these crazy ladies,
at least as much as they could...

So let's hear it for the zany ones
who gave these hilarious crimes to me
as evidence that I once lived.

They are the only poor souls I still know
who can tell me what I used to be...
and why.


  1. "that have grown into storytime delights..."

    I love this line.

  2. @Martina: why is that? Just curious...


  3. Well, my yesteryear memories are filled with the ones who got away here lately.


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