Saturday, June 14, 2008

"... In Words Always Clear"

¡Hola! Everybody,
The good thing about self-generated happiness is that no one can ever touch it -- it’s not dependent on anyone else. There is no more empowering act that to take responsibility for one's joy. Today, I am truly grateful for having this realization and the ability to apply it to my life.

Came home late last night. The City is just bursting at the seams with life and hilarity – the full catastrophe. All I need is that smile – that subtly seductive invitation to an adventure…

* * *

Yesterdays [no. 2]

They whispered words always clear,
offering those timeless personal messages.

Clichés back to back,
a thousand punch lines strung together
beads of wisdom...
requiring no reply
needing no answers.

Why was it I could never
express my gratitude
in their own tongue?

A conversation with an answering machine
is all they ever offered me.

They came barging into my head
whenever it pleased them
but I could return their visits
only by an invitation
that never arrived.

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