Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday Madness [Forgiveness]

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Life is good.

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-=[ The Unleashing ]=-

Yesterday, I wrote a little on guilt (and forgiveness). I feel I need to clarify somewhat. The forgiveness I speak of has ho expectations. I don’t extend forgiveness with the expectation of being reciprocated. In fact, the form of forgiveness I am pointing toward shouldn’t be confused with what people often mistake for forgiveness.

Most of us never forgive. We like to intellectualize it’s over with, but we carry resentments like so much baggage. We carry our dis-ease with us and it makes us sick.

I forgive you.


That’s it. There’s no qualifier.

My only interest is that you get better, that you find some way toward integration, some measure of happiness, and health and if I am to be a part of that process, then that too is on the table. If at this time you’re not able to forgive yourself and would rather hide in shame, you’re still forgiven and the door remains open.


I am able to do this because I have forgiven myself. Moreover, in the process of forgiving myself, I came to the realization that there is no “me” or “you.” “You” and “I” are sometimes useful concepts we use to navigate our way around this ball of dirt. In reality, there is no you, no me, just a big We. If you don’t understand this, keep coming around, you’ll get it – sooner or later. On the other hand, maybe not. Perhaps you won’t get it, and you’ll die gripped by the illusion of being alone and separated. The choice is always there.

True love – genuine, empowering love – is the essence of joyful living. This form of love, which is a verb (an action word), is unconditional, and expects nothing in return. It follows that if we expect nothing in return, we will never be disappointed. Many spiritual traditions consider this the highest form of love. I don't like quibbling about Love. Suffice it to say that it is this love from which we were made. Our essence is this Love. I like to quote a favorite line from a salsa song:

Yo soy el hijo del cariño y tambien de la dulzura.

The first part roughly translated means, “I am the son of love… ”

When faced with this essence what in the world can you ever do to throw this shining love into darkness? The answer is simple: there’s nothing you can ever do to cover this light. You might as well try to cover the sky with your hand, as my aunt used to like to say about self-evident truths. In light of this love, your machinations are disrobed for the dysfunctional grab for love that they are and instead of resentment, I feel only compassion for your inability to express Love.

Yes, I am aware that we live in the world of conditions. As the song goes, we are spirits in the material world. Our egos demand payment and we live in the world of conditions. I have to cross the street and pay the rent. I am no fool, nor am I an idealistic dreamer. Believe me, I have seen more hells than even my tired eyes could tell you. Most people have never been to the places I have inhabited and lived to tell about them. I know of this “reality” you speak of and it’s not reality, it’s an elaborate illusion. It’s a movie – a sick form of entertainment. One we have all agreed to buy into. But I refuse to buy into that “reality” because it’s a fool’s gold.

I do know this: without awakening to the power of love, you are doomed to a life of misery.

Genuine love loves the unlovable. Loving and not expect anything in return is genuine love. Why would you give a gift expecting one in return? It’s easy to love the good things. Anyone can do that. One of the most difficult things is to love one who has harmed us. And for those of us ruled by our egos this will never make sense. But once you have had the experience of giving or receiving such love, it becomes a potential in any given moment. It becomes a possibility for a way of life.

It becomes the foundation for your happiness, right now, right here, today… you choose.



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