Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The "Balls Ovah Yer Nose" Award

¡Hola! Everybody…
Today it’s an extra treat! Yet another of 360’s many misogynists dances for Mr. T. Today’s it’s the e-thug who calls himself “Polo”…

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-=[ Misogynists ]=-

I know, I know, you’re probably asking yourself why is it only me that exposes the misogynists (women haters) on this site, right? I dunno, I just find it hard to wrap my mind around why any self-respecting man would attempt to bully a woman, on or off the ‘net.

I mean, shit, I’ve had things done to me here and you don’t see me whining about it or posting personal pics of those who had endeavored to hurt me. Shoot, we all know I gave a certain individual here the benefit of the doubt even when it was clear that this individual wasn’t playing scrabble with Mia Farrow in Darfur (the “Out of Africa” episode). Even when it was revealed to me that the same individual was telling other people here that I was pestering her when in fact she was sending me daily “declarations of love” I didn’t resort to posting naked pics of her or anything like that. In fact, I truly wish this individual all the love she so obviously wants.

Ya gotta let it go, people, it’s not good to hold on to resentments. Resentments are like pissing on yourself, no one feels it but you and you end up stinkin’ up the place.

Which brings me to the now weekly “Balls Oveh Ya Nose” award. This week’s recipient actually stole a revealing photo of our very own Amy and now gets his rocks off posting it all over the ’net. He plasters his page with photos of Amy and then resorts to putting her down. Now, I happen to know Amy and I like her. She’s smart and she’s funny – witty. I also know that on one level she laughs at that Polo’s pettiness, but I also have to think that enough is enough. Amy ain’t no shrinking violet, she can take care of herself, but I know she’s trying not to address this predatory behavior because it only feeds into what Polo wants, which is attention.

And get this right: when you go to someone’s house and steal a photograph and then post it on the web, that’s predatory behavior.

So, Imma step up to the plate and take a few swings. ::wink::

First, Polo, who lives in Texas, spent mad money, time, and effort visiting Amy, who lives in Oregon. He was fiendin’ (pronounced feeenin’). And feindin’ for a long time. Years even. Spent a lot time and money traveling. I’m sorry, I might be a romantic, but I ain’t traveling over 2,000 miles unless there’s some hawt sex involved and even then, I have to think about it. And you know why? Because I have a life. LOL

Anyway, Polo likes to tell people he makes 100k a year, he likes to brag about how he has this and that and apparently the truth of the matter seems to be that still lives with his father. I can’t say this for sure, but if every time you call someone and his father answers the phone… well…

::blank stare::

But I’m not even going to speculate. I don’t need to because any man who exhibits misogynistic behavior has deep-seated feelings of insecurity. If Polo had a life, he wouldn’t waste his time 24/7 on IM and thinking of ways to harass a woman who obviously doesn’t want anything to do with him.

This is a fact. If he was a real man, he’d let it go, move on to another lover, or do something with his life other than spending huge segments of his time, sitting on his fat ass (he’s obese, BTW) on the internet.

For being a misogynist and a creep, Polo gets this week’s “Balls Ovah Ya Nose” Award and joins the rest of the wife-beaters, e-thugs, and Yahoo fakes in a dance for Mr. T:

(Click here to view Polo dancing for Mr. T)

That’s it for today, folks, be nice!



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