Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday Madness [Penis Holding / Conflict Resolution]

¡Hola! Everybody…
I’m going out to a couple of museums today. It’s raining, so the beach is out as is Six Flags. But if the weather allows, I’ll be at Six Flags tomorrow. I’m on vacation, biatches! LOL

* * *

-=[ Penis/ Labia Holding and Conflict Resolution ]=-

OK! I know I should leave well enough alone, but I can’t! LOL!

In light of the Rippa/ Cosmic “reconciliation” I propose the following (taken from one of my blogs, which was taken from somewhere else, I forget):

Among the Walbiri and Aranda people, when different communities get together or when grievances need to be settled, the men participate in what is known as touch-penis, penis-holding, or penis-offering rite. Each man presents his semi erect penis to all the others, pressing it into each man’s palm and drawing it along the length of the upturned hand.

By offering and grasping each other’s penis -- said to represent “paying with one’s life” – the men make a vow of support and fellowship between them, or solidify whatever agreement they have reached during the settling of the dispute.

I dunno, but it would be pretty hard to fight someone after you’ve held their dick in your hands! LMAO! Can you imagine me, Stiffy, Rip, Mo, Neddy, and Cosmic standing in a circle holding each other’s pricks?!!

And what if you renege on the settlement?

What then?

Can just hear Rippa tell Cosmic, “Tony, after you held my prick in your hands, how could you do something like that?!!”

I propose that women should have a similar ritual. Perhaps all the women with beef (pun intended) on 360 and The 'Ply should all stand in a circle and grab on to each other’s labia! Of maybe they can stand in a circle, stick their fingers in the hole, and make a vow of cooperation and support!

In fact, I pronounce today “Conflict Resolution Day” and will willingly hold any woman's labia in my hand if she'll hold my penis!




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