Monday, March 8, 2010

You Complete Me...

¡Hola! Everybody...
I’m sorry, but while I’m happy that a woman finally won the Best director award (after 70+ years?!!), I have to admit that I didn’t get Hurt Locker. Hurt Locker was at best a good cable TV film. The sleeper of the year, IMO, was An Education . It got almost no play, but featured one of the best performances (a very young Carey Mulligan! ) I’ve seen in quite some time. Sandra Bullock for a film that barely rises above the sappy shit you see on the Lifetime Channel?!! ::blank stare::

Now, I know imma get slammed for being a racist (again), but let me get this straight: M’nique wins (and rightfully so) for playing one of the most vile mothers to ever grace the screen, and Bullock wins for playing a mother to a black child no one else wanted? Ohhhhh-kaaayyyyy....

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-=[ Wholeness ]=-

Something we were withholding made us weak
Until we found it was ourselves.
-- Robert Frost

We all know that corniest of lines, the “You complete me” line uttered by the Tom Cruise character in the film, Jerry Maguire. A friend likes to joke that Tom had her at the knock on the door and if he just wanted some poonani... LOL!

The sad thing is that there is some truth to the line and it gets lost in the melodrama. We all complete one another. Not in the co-dependent not-feeling-complete-unless-you’re-in a-relationship sense. That’s not really about completion, connection, or wholeness. We complete each other in the very real sense that we wired for connection. Without connection, we’re fragmented. While in a smaller way we are whole unto ourselves, as we grow and mature our definition of self encompasses more than our individual wants and needs. Eventually, your sense of self encompasses your family, your community, the earth -- eventually all of creation. This is not at the expense of your self, just that your self grows...

Wholeness is our natural state and it’s this impulse or instinct toward wholeness that is the essence of true healing. Healing involves removing the obstacles to this natural state and bringing ones self and world into alignment. Freed from these obstacles, our natural “instinct to heal” will guide us toward a state of wholeness.

Many different healers take different approaches to healing, but essentially the role of the healer as a guide for those who have fallen out of balance is pretty much a universal philosophy. Healing, most of all, is going beyond the individual mind, body, and spirit to heal family relationships and eventually even global relations.



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